About Dynamic Achievement Group

The Answer to Business Transformation is Engaging Every Individual at the Core and Aligning that Core with Your Organization’s Purpose

Every executive and business owner wants to find a way to accelerate business performance and ensure lasting improvement. However, many strategy sessions, leadership development programs, corporate culture and training programs produce only short-term gains that fade away as individuals and teams go back to their old habits.
Why? Because real and sustainable business transformation can only happen when you engage each individual employee at the core and align them to a higher purpose. Only then will you create a shift in mindset where all employees take responsibility for their actions, assume ownership for their roles, and work as a unified team toward a common goal.
This mindset shift is the missing ingredient in most organizations, and is the key to both the immediate and the sustainable results businesses are looking for.

About Dynamic Achievement

Dynamic Achievement Group is led by strategy and corporate development consultants Andrew Lindesay and Eitan Sharir who combined their extensive corporate and management consulting experience, to build a consulting company that is focused on creating a lasting legacy.
Andrew and Eitan bring together their combined experience in business strategy, corporate culture, executive and performance consulting. The rest of the team is comprised of highly talented leadership consultants, coaches and facilitators, each with their own area of expertise. By working with Dynamic Achievement Group, you will have direct access to highly specialized professionals who will provide hands-on involvement, guidance and coordination in every aspect of our relationship with you.

Leadership Team:

  • Andrew Lindesay

  • President, Business Strategy and Execution

Andrew brings more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the areas of organization effectiveness, leadership & management development, strategic business planning, leadership assessments, leadership coaching, executive team building, and change management. READ MORE

  • Eitan Sharir

  • President, Organizational Culture and Performance

Eitan Sharir is a corporate culture consultant, leadership coach, and accelerated performance specialist. For more than 18 years, Eitan has helped some of the world’s leading organizations deliver excellence. READ MORE

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