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How to unlock your full potential and direct your own success.

Eitan Sharir Book Activate Your Power



“Whether you read this book in your corporate persona, striving to be both successful and ethical, or whether you read it as an individual… I sincerely believe that Activate Your Power will be a valuable positive catalyst in your life.”

From the FOREWORD by Lee Johnson,
best-selling author of How to Escape Your Comfort Zones.

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A Message from Eitan Sharir on Activate Your Power

All of us possess a natural and authentic power that we can access at will when we know how. Activate Your Power is a personal guide to achieving a more inspiring and successful life — one in which you actively make choices and, with intention, live life to the fullest.
With real-life examples and practical exercises, “Activate Your Power” is a catalyst for change, both personal and professional. This book contains a set of innovative tools and techniques that will help you:
    • Develop a mindset of excellence
    • Understand what drives you
    • Discover your biggest obstacle to success and how to overcome it
    • Make effective and powerful decisions
    • Improve your relationships at work and at home
    • Live with passion
    • Achieve extraordinary success
I personally invite you to create a new dynamic in your life — one that guides you powerfully to greater levels of fulfillment and success.
Eitan Sharir

Comments on Activate Your Power

“This book is about helping us understand that each of us has the power not only to define what success is, but also to make specific choices to achieve our own success regardless of our environment. It is about understanding that our lives are not predetermined. It’s about holding ourselves accountable for our own lives, and not continually blaming someone, or something else for the struggles or failures we experience.

Reading this book will help you learn how to improve your life, professionally and personally…The concepts that Eitan talks about have made a major contribution to the mindset of all of our employees [at Interior Savings Credit Union] and have helped our organization achieve wonderful results relative to our peers and our own expectations. I thank him for that.”

Barry Meckler, Chief Executive Officer, Interior Savings Credit Union

“I have had the good fortune to have worked with Eitan Sharir and have seen the positive effects of his approach to coaching and leadership. Activate Your Power is an inspiring book that offers practical strategies that enable the reader to re-awaken the power and potential that resides within. I highly recommend Activate Your Power as a book that will genuinely change your approach to life and business — for the better.”

Jose R. Dino, General Manager, TELUS Sourcing Solutions Inc.

“Reading Activate Your Power has had a significant impact on me as I am now more conscious that it is up to me to make choices on how I handle situations and how I react to unexpected circumstances… As a leader, it has been a powerful information source for helping my team achieve the same results. Activate Your Power has also helped me attain a sense of calm in how I am dealing with things, both personally and professionally.

I believe that Eitan’s theories are very inspiring and easy to apply [and they] can result in significant results if you are really committed to making a change in your life. His theories have helped me come through numerous changes in both my personal and professional life, and elevated my ability to help others manage through change.”

Leanne Kripp, VP Sales, Yellow Pages Group

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