Dynamic Achievement works with some of the world’s most admired and highest performing organizations to help them deliver results with excellence. Scroll down to read first-hand accounts of the impact that our Organizational Excellence Programs are having on their employees, their teams and their bottom line results.

After the successful completion of Dynamic Achievement`s Customer Service, Sales Performance, and Leadership Coaching programs, we have seen a consistent increase in both ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey) and the GSI (Guest Satisfaction Index). These increases mean more satisfied customers and a more fulfilled staff, which in turn means more profit for the company. Obviously, these are exactly the results we were looking for.”
Laura Cockburn – Director of Human Resources – The Sheraton Vancouver
“The service excellence program delivered by Dynamic Achievement Group earlier in 2014 has been transformational for Central 1.  It helped laser focus our staff’s energy and behaviours on what is truly important for our clients in terms of grounding and solidifying long term sustainability and relevancy in the financial industry.  Staff and managers are reinvigorated to listen to clients and work hard to deliver what our clients need, when they need it, at the best possible price.  A positive indicator of the change has been a reduction in customer service escalations to senior management and positive feedback attained from our large clients through our quarterly net promoter survey.
Henrique Godinho – Associate Vice President, Technical Operations – Central 1 Credit Union
“A Colleague of mine put me in touch with Eitan. We were planning a Sales & Service Leadership Conference for January 2015 and had a specific culture change objective in mind. Eitan spent considerable time gaining a thorough understanding what my specific objectives were.  He then developed an initial one day session that served to enrol our Senior Leadership Team and ensure alignment for our conference. Leveraging the Vertical Organization materials he built a customized program for our conference and facilitated a two day interactive workshop involving over 140 participants.
Eitan surpassed my expectations and feedback from participants and survey results consistently showed that ‘this was the most meaningful conference they had ever attended’.
Thank-you Eitan for your sincere partnership in helping move the organisation to a new place.
Glenn Watters- Associate Vice President – PartSource – Canadian Tire
The Team Excellence session has been a transformational experience for our entire team. The energy, authenticity, humor, common sense and artistry that Eitan brought to the team were truly remarkable. Every member of our team had a number of important “aha!” moments during the workshop and Eitan helped translate these important shifts into a robust action plan.  You could see how the powerful learning about a Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. Their confidence, sense of pride and personal accountability increased dramatically. Thank you, Eitan, for making this possible!”
Jackie Goldman – Vice President, HR Programs – Canadian Tire
Our organization has recently gone through an ambitious transformation to becoming a cohesive, national organization. Our company recognizes that if we are to fulfill on our growth strategy, leadership from our executives, managers and sales professionals is paramount to our success. The Dynamic Achievement team has been invaluable in working with our leaders to help each of them become aware of their individual leadership styles and the impact that each of them has on the culture of our organization. Over the past several months, a group of customized programs have been developed to help support our leaders develop their personal leadership styles through a series of hands-on simulations and other innovative practices. The feedback has been outstanding and has helped our managers develop a greater understanding of the importance of their roles in building a high-performance culture at TELUS Sourcing Solutions.
José R. Dino – Vice President – TELUS Sourcing Solutions


I have known and worked with Andrew for many years and have engaged his services on a number of initiatives. My first experience was with him was where he worked to build the performance of a senior management team on which I was working. Then as VP of HR for a manufacturing company, I engaged Andrew for strategic planning (including executive team building) and the design and implementation of our employee engagement survey for over 1000 employees. He also delivered “Effective Communication” and “Coaching” workshops for all of our management employees ranging from our front line supervisors to the entire executive group. In addition, over the last 5 years Andrew has facilitated his Essentials of Leadership program to every one of our management team in all our mills in Canada and South Carolina, USA.
Andrew is an exceptional facilitator and coach. His extensive business experience combined with his education in psychology, his ability to work effectively with people at all levels of an organization, and his intellect combine to make him a very valuable resource to leaders seeking to work with a change agent. He will challenge the status quo and push for performance improvement. In addition to his technical know-how and experience, he is a pleasure to work with as he has a wonderful sense of humour. His style is challenging and direct yet very respectful.”
Onkar Athwal – VP HR – Canfor Corporation


“We have had the immense pleasure of partnering with Eitan and Dynamic Achievement directly over the past 10 years specifically assisting with sales transformation and our management coaching. One of the attributes that sets his organization apart is the total commitment to the process and the company’s long term success. It started with a thorough needs analysis, relevant content including continuous dialogue with our organization to ensure it is meeting our expectations and a spectacular final product. It was delivered on time, received positive feedback and more importantly a transformation in behaviors. Dynamic Achievements’ content has been a foundational piece of our sales success and our employees’ growth.”
Clayton J. Dean – Manager, Recruitment and Development – London Drugs
Eitan’s passion to positively impact the lives of those around him is evident in every detail of the experience when working with him. He has an uncanny ability to move easily from the broad organizational issues right down to the challenges that a single employee may be facing. Real world issues require real time solutions. Eitan`s value set, business ethic and follow through is what sets him apart. ”
Liz McNally – Manager Training & Development – London Drugs Limited
Nicola Wealth logo
Our work with Eitan and Andrew at Dynamic is entering its fifth year. When we first began the work with Dynamic Achievement,  Eitan was able to help us articulate the vision we had for the company in a way that all of our staff could understand and buy into. He was also able to help us improve our corporate culture so that we would be able to achieve our ambitious goals. In the last five years we have more than tripled our revenue and assets under management, dramatically increased our annual giving to our community and added key people to our list of shareholders. Eitan and Andrew’s work with our management team and staff have being an integral part of our success.
John Nicola, CLU,  CHFC,  CFP – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – Nicola Wealth Management
Our firm started working with Dynamic Achievement in 2011 to develop strategies to move towards our ideal corporate culture. Through a combination of staff workshops and individual coaching sessions, everyone in the organization has had an opportunity to work with both Eitan and Andrew and find them to be not only extremely qualified but also engaging and a pleasure to work with.  Our firm has seen measurable improvements to our culture since beginning to work with them.  We consider them to be a strategic partner and instrumental to the growth and success of the firm.
Jamie Duncan – Chief Operating Officer – Nicola Wealth Management
“Our sales organization first engaged Dynamic Achievement and Eitan Sharir in 2013. We have partnered together throughout the subsequent years, coaching and training both inside and outside sales teams towards our goal of sales excellence. Eitan Sharir and Dynamic Achievement stand apart from other sales training programs I have experienced in that the material always feels current and iterative.
Eitan’s super power is his ability to quickly and accurately read a room, the people and culture of the company. In doing this he is able to seamlessly tailor the material to most effectively engage and convert his audience.
In the three years that our sales organization has been working with Dynamic Achievement we have seen sales revenue increase by double digits year over year and individual key performance metrics double. I would enthusiastically recommend Eitan Sharir and Dynamic Achievement to any company looking to nurture a culture of sales excellence.
Karen Hardie – Vice President Sales, – Rocky Mountaineer
Andrew has facilitated many strategic planning sessions for us, during which he has demonstrated superb facilitation skills and remarkable insight. I have been particularly impressed with Andrew’s focus on organizational alignment by integrating Blue Shore Financial’s strategy and goals into every project, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness and return on our investment.
Over the many years we have worked with Andrew, we have benefited immensely from his abilities and insights. He has worked as a partner with us to move our organization forward and has had a profoundly positive effect on our performance and results. I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.”
Chris Catliff – President and CEO – Blue Shore Financial
“Thank you for the Effective Leadership, Coaching, and recent Sales Management training. I am most delighted with the way in which you always link the materials to our customer strategy. I am convinced the training you provided to our Account Managers, coupled with the one-on-one sales coaching, will lead to significant positive changes in our performance and results. Congratulations.”
VP, Retail Banking – Blue Shore Financial


We exceeded our revenues for 2011. Our customer service index went from 84% to 87% – Top tier in North America. Staff Engagement went up in every hospitality department year over year.
We were an operation that was at a point of transition and we needed someone to come in and facilitate a new beginning. Eitan was the perfect choice. He has taken our Sales team and Leadership Team on a journey that begins with a self-evaluation, then moves towards understanding your business and the business that is available out there!
He has had an extremely positive impact on our team, by introducing the vertical and horizontal perspectives. This allows us to help identify ourselves, those we work with and those we want to do business with and helps focus us in the right direction which is always toward achieving the goal!
A key value gained from the program was realizing the significant impact that culture has on an organization. Culture is the driver of economic performance, and culture can be changed.
The simplest way I can describe what Eitan’s impact had on us is that he is a Business Catalyst. He breaks down where you are at and then provides the environment that creates thought-provoking new ideas to lead us to the next level. It has helped us develop a new passion for our business and pursue higher goals in a clear and committed manner.”
Roland Monteiro – General Manager, Hospitality Operations – River Rock Casino Resort
Island Savings has worked very closely with Andrew Lindesay during the past several years. Andrew has excelled in this consultative role, assisting us to hone our focus on the various components of strategic planning and change management.
Andrew possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude with positive energy and a commitment to tangible results. His engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with senior management and staff. Andrew is very well organized and efficiently keeps track of the details and commitments undertaken. He encourages effective teamwork and cooperation, but with a complete focus on accountability and measureable outcomes.
I volunteered to write this recommendation for Andrew because I am very grateful for his contributions to our company. I am very confident that he has the work ethic and skills to add value in any business environment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”
W.C. (Bill) Moffatt – Chief Member and Operating Officer – Island Savings Credit Union
This is to confirm that Andrew was contracted to develop a customer service workshop for our operations department at Vancouver International Airport Authority. This particular workshop was geared towards empowering our operations center representatives to communicate effectively and with tact and skill when dealing with the issues of a wide range of callers. Participants were expected to learn the skills necessary to meet every caller’s expectation and to foster positive and sustainable relationships between our organization and the communities we serve.
It was truly my pleasure to work with Andrew and his colleague Stella. During the development of the workshop, Andrew was always available to meet, either in person or by phone. He took it upon himself to understand how an airport operations center operates and how other factors played a role in the running of our business. By taking the extra time to get to know our stakeholders, he tailored the program to meet our specific needs and produced an effective workshop. Andrew and Stella always came across as professional subject-matter experts and they worked hard to achieve the best end result.
Over the three workshops the participants provided an overall evaluation of 4.6 out of 5 and the customer service skills have been well applied on the job.”
Mo-Jean Lai – Manager, Employee & Career Development – Vancouver International Airport Authority


I am happy to report that our strategic simulation that you so critically contributed to has stretched our individual capabilities and delivered on its promise — going absolutely above and beyond our expectations. The program itself has gone much further by also developing our leadership, coaching and teamwork capabilities. It is real world, well rounded and has created a buzz in our company as one of the best programs of this type that we have ever delivered.”

Josh Blair- Vice President, Learning and Development – TELUS


“Andrew’s workshops and his delivery of OD programs are highly effective in that they provide participants with the leadership, coaching, and sales skills required in our customer focused business. A key strength is Andrew’s ability to align the training and OD initiatives with BCAA’s key customer centric strategies, creating a connection for staff and managers that increases their buy in and adoption of the new systems or learning.

John Allen – VP HR – BCAA


When speaking in terms of accountability and measurable results the numbers definitely speak for themselves. It is clear that these numbers tell the story and we are very pleased with the work we have done and continue to do together with Dynamic Achievement:
    • 81 point increase in our employee engagement index measurement – from 7.55 to 8.36
    • 97% member satisfaction ratings – which is about 10% higher than industry benchmarks
    • Excellent Financial results – our financial results consistently lead our peers.”
Domenic Vinci – Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer – Interior Savings Credit Union
Dynamic Achievement created a coaching program that was specifically for us. The program acted as a bonding agent that helped several hundred employees come together in terms of their colleague relationships, their personal development and their overall engagement. Not only did the program teach us about responsibility, it also put us on a similar wavelength in terms of our attitudes and thinking. I am very happy with our decision to work with Dynamic Achievement, and I look forward to continuing with the work we have begun.
Barry Meckler – President and CEO – Interior Savings Credit Union
Corix Testimonial Eitan Sharir Corporate Culture Consultant Vancouver
“I’ve had the fortune of being educated in a number of different places, and going to lots of different programs over my career and they’ve all been very good with development. But this program with Eitan was probably the best I’ve ever attended. As a result, it helped propel us in our plans and we had a lot of confidence going forward.”
Brett Hodson, President and CEO – Corix Group of Companies


I really enjoyed Saturday’s (business planning) session and want to thank you for having done such a splendid job of facilitation. We accomplished more in one day of working with you than we have in multiple meetings with other consultants.”
Nancy Kirkpatrick – Director – North Vancouver Museum & Archives


“I have worked alongside Andrew Lindesay as a business colleague, and more recently as a client. He has the business acumen and passion that performance driven leaders demand. He is highly insightful and provides critical thinking during the needs analysis process and therefore is able to develop a course of action that is comprehensive and accurately addresses the required change. Andrew is able to wade through complex people issues as they relate to the business issues and he is highly effective working with leaders in the boardroom or coaching a junior employee.
As an empathic people developer with superb facilitation skills, Andrew is able to quickly identify and address an organization’s and people’s key learning needs and to provide highly professional training and coaching that will lead to organizational and personal improvement. He ensures his clients develop a strong sense of accountability for change and growth.
If an organization is looking to realize their people potential, Andrew’s organizational insight and engaging relationship building approach provides a valuable management resource.”
Dwight Noda – Director Human Resources – Mustang Survival


In 2005 Kwantlen University College set out to develop a service excellence program to create a culture of care underlying the service provided to our students. Dynamic Achievement Group was selected to deliver this program because of its focus on shifting the perceptions of individuals resulting in a powerful catalyst for quantum leap results. The majority of the participants rated the program as “Excellent.” Many have stated that it was the best program that they have ever participated in during their lengthy careers. With Dynamic Achievement Group, Kwantlen University College is enhancing our culture of student care, one quality service experience at a time.
Jody Gordon – Associate Vice President, Student Services and Registrar – Kwantlen University College


Eitan’s programs always energize people who are involved and make them see the potential in everything they do. This is especially evident in his training and coaching programs – and is also clear that he lives his life the way he suggests others to.”
Carl Muller – Customer Marketing Director – Coca-Cola

Fraser Surrey Docks

Andrew has helped us develop the leadership potential of our entire management group. We participated in 360° assessments of our leadership and management performance followed by two outstanding leadership development workshops – which provided us with the critical skills needed by our management group as we build relationships with our Foremen and Longshoremen. The feedback from participants and my own experience has been outstanding. Many thanks.”
Peter Jaskiewicz – CEO – Fraser Surrey Docks

Mainroad (latest)(1)

“Mainroad initially engaged Eitan and Dynamic Achievement to improve the leadership capabilities of our management team. This was in fact accomplished with very positive results in terms of a marked improvement in relations with our unionized employees right across the organization. Our work with Eitan evolved into a re-development of our strategic objectives which has successfully added a significant boost to the commitment of our executive team to achieving an aggressive set of objectives over a targeted timeline. We are now confident that the company will successfully make the transition to the next level with the full committed support of our entire executive team. Eitan’s work was essential to the company making this significant step forward.”
David Zerr – President & CEO – Mainroad


I found it very difficult to only write a few lines about Eitan’s powerful impact on our business and on us as individuals! I could have easily written a few pages! It has been a privilege working with him and to experience the amazing positive effect he had on our sales team.
Sandra Muggeridge – Human Resources and Training Manager – AVIS Rent a Car


Eitan has played a key role in assisting NorthwesTel through a journey of culture change and the engagement of employees. We have gone from a ‘win-lose’ mindset to a ‘win-win’ mindset, and the role that Eitan has played has had a very positive impact on our organization as we proceed through this journey.
Paul Flaherty – President & CEO – NorthwesTel Inc.


This self exploration allowed us to consider our past actions and behaviours, as well as learn new skills to consider our future lives. Our team of critical Branch Manager leaders were highly motivated, energized by new concepts and were able to apply Eitan`s teachings into practical applications to improve their lives – as individuals first and business leaders second. Thank you for opening our minds to new perspectives and insights to achieve greater results in all that we do!
Lydia Johnson – Vice-President, Sales and Service – VanCity Credit Union

Marks logo

Eitan Sharir facilitated a two day session on team effectiveness for my team. He was thorough in his preparation and delivered a program that exceeded our expectations. His presentation style was dynamic and engaging. But more than that, the information he presented was insightful and relevant to our needs. He helped each session participant to learn more about themselves and those that they work with. We plan to work with Eitan again because we believe he can be an asset to the continuing development of our team.”
Craig Foster – Vice President, Human Resources – Mark’s


This program is so powerful that it’s hard to put it into words. Since we started working with Eitan Sharir and Dynamic Achievement, the PolarBoard Division has transformed into something amazing with significant improvements in communications, productivity, participation and reduction in safety related injuries. Our staff is coming to work because they want to and are also happier at home. We have created a working environment that people want to belong to and where everybody is working together in one direction.”
Lorence Forsberg – Division Manager – Canfor (Formerly Slocan Forest Products)


When we were evaluating corporate development companies that could implement a program to bring our new, young and entrepreneurial group of senior executives together, it was clear that Dynamic Achievement Group’s Executive Excellence Program was the best fit. The customized program that was developed for us correlated very well with our needs.
We would definitely recommend the Executive Excellence Program to young, entrepreneurial teams like us who are looking at a significant growth challenge and want their team to come together to overcome that challenge.”
Brett Hodson – President – Terasen Water & Utility Services


It was an excellent program! Nothing but positive results reported from all. I heard from many people that the course was extremely beneficial (unusual for seminar) and that they left with a re-energized sense of PCL and themselves. I left with renewed faith in what it is we’re chasing and why, and that we’re all going in a consistent committed direction. Thank you.”
Hugh Lewis – Manager – PCL Constructors Canada

FT Services LOGO

Dynamic Achievement has played an important role in the development of FT Services culture – they assisted us in becoming one of Canada’s leading industrial asset management services organizations within two years of start-up.

Andy Mackintosh – President and CEO – FT Services

Coast Hotels Logo Rev(1)

Thank you again for your work with our combined Canada-USA sales team at our annual sales conference in Portland earlier this month [January 2010].
You did a great job of engaging and involving some jaded, by previous years’ events, sales people. Their obvious enthusiasm for both you and the content you were delivering was especially refreshing to see as we led off the sales meeting by confirming there were no bonuses to be paid this year! The balance of personal and professional advice was well handled and received.
I can assure you we have already discussed inviting you to speak to the Canadian Leadership conference in November and there has been consideration given to bringing you back for a follow up at next year’s sales conference. Kudos!
Graeme Barrit, President – COAST HOTELS & RESORTS

Oppenheimer logo(3)

We initially invited Eitan to work with our executive team to help us further define and shape our culture and to expand customer service to continue to develop our promise to our external and internal customers who expect the world from us.
Eitan’s concepts into the vertical and horizontal perspectives were thought-provoking, and have had a positive impact in clarifying the differences in attitudes and motivation of individuals. This concept also helped our executive and our employees better understand each other, resulting in improved teamwork and greater results.
Eitan has taken his work on perspectives from the theoretical and given it real-life application, both in business and in our employees’ personal lives as well. His presentation was insightful and dynamic, and engaged the entire room – no small feat! We look forward to continuing to work with Eitan to continue to improve our culture and grow our business.”
John Anderson – Chairman, President & CEO – The Oppenheimer Group

colgate (1)

Eitan’s combination of presentation, delivery and outstanding content, catapulted our delegates out of their seats and comfort zones into areas of confidence and vision.
Eden Lanser – Marketing Manager – COLGATE-PALMOLIVE

Manning Elliott Logo

I am writing to thank you for serving as facilitator and leader at our annual partners’ meeting in October.
One of the goals that we had established for our meeting was for the partners to become a more cohesive team. You helped us to move in that direction by assisting us to understand the importance and impact of an organization’s culture on its economic performance.
Below is a sample of the comments provided by the meeting participants:
    • Excellent presentation; very thought provoking.
    • Good at drawing out ideas and issues that we are reluctant to discuss.
    • Excellent presentation and facilitation. Articulation of the high performance quadrant and superior performance results criteria
    • Knowledgeable, insightful. Encouraged open communication of all participants.
    • Eitan is an engaging speaker who is knowledgeable in his field. As a result he makes it a pleasure to participate in the session. A key value gained from the program was realizing the significant impact that culture has on an organization. Culture is the driver of economic performance, and culture can be changed.
    • This program can be a catalyst for organizations that want to move to the next level. It is a high quality message
    • Excellent presentation style
I believe that we have gained valuable insight into our firm as a result of your facilitation. We are building on the ideas developed at the October meeting to bring about positive change.
Again, thank you for assisting us with this process.
M.J. Corney, CA – Managing Partner, Manning Elliott LLP


Eitan and the Dynamic Achievement programs have had an immediate impact on our company and has facilitated permanent life changing improvements for many of our staff. For this we are all extremely grateful.
Like most businesses, we wanted to focus on the behaviour of our staff and not on the thought process that exists at a deeper level. However, we quickly came to realize that Eitan`s approach made 100% sense, and would be the only strategy that could lead to a real and sustainable change within our organization. Immediate feedback from our customers is proving this to be absolutely true. Thank you for helping us really make a difference.”
Ken North – General Manager, Sales and Marketing – Freightliner of Vancouver


We hired Eitan of Dynamic Achievement to facilitate a paradigm shift for a key sales role at NSCU. Our sales team needed to confidently articulate the value they bring to their members through providing expert financial advice. The participants left the session with a renewed sense of their value for the North Shore Credit Union.
Chris Catliff – President and CEO – North Shore Credit Union


On behalf of TELUS Mobility, I would like to thank you again for the outstanding sales development program delivered by Dynamic Achievement during the past year. The quality and impact of the customized seminars and workshops has exceeded both our expectations and objectives for the program. The feedback from our Corporate Sales team members has been overwhelmingly positive as well, with the training modules on strategic selling, change management and sales presentation skills all having had a significant impact on their performance.
Neil Cusati – Vice President – TELUS Mobility


Your leadership session was excellent. You provided the managers with a very high level session of leadership principles and the interconnection between each person and their role as a leader. The feedback that I kept hearing was that they thought your session was ‘awesome’!
Trudy Hofley – District Vice President – Scotia Bank


We recently held a workshop called ‘Supervision – the Common Link’ and Eitan Sharir was a keynote speaker. Eitan brought an incredible energy to our conference. The room was captivated, and it was easy to see why. His presentation was thought provoking and challenged our managers to bring a new perspective to the workplace.
We are working hard to give our supervisors the skills and support they need to make a real difference and it was great to have such a powerful and motivational presentation at our event. Eitan’s message about the effect of leadership on workplace culture really resonated with us.”
John Dyble – Deputy Minister – Ministry of Transportation


Simply put; enlightening and refreshing. Our session was custom tailored for our Sales Force. Thanks to this program, we are now all better ‘Self-Managers’ today than we were last week. Thanks again.
Jordan Thorsteinson – Director, Customer Sales – Orca Bay


In only 12 months, my business grew by 97% and revenues increased by millions of dollars! Your programs are incredible!
Allan Thompson – President – Kolok (Pty) Ltd

Southridge logo

Southridge School has worked with Eitan on two separate occasions. We have worked as a leadership group and team of directors to assess our school’s culture, and we have worked as a full faculty and staff to develop a common language and consistent reference to perspectives that influence our culture. Eitan’s ideas and thought provoking subject matter, together with his dynamic and engaging presentation style, have influenced the way we understand one another at Southridge; and gaining a better understanding of colleagues has benefited us in the way we listen to and communicate with one another. Eitan’s encouragement to identify and articulate our school’s core story has simplified and refreshed the way we affect our school’s culture in a down to earth, no-nonsense, and practical manner. His ability to coach our leadership team and directors in the way we intentionally communicate our core story has promoted many meaningful and well directed conversations”.
Drew Stephens, Head of School – Southridge School


The Sales Performance program that our entire staff recently completed was the most beneficial program we have ever implemented. I was astounded with reactions and pleased with the subsequent results. Our people embraced the information and started to successfully use the training almost immediately. Eitan Sharir’s efforts at unlocking each individual’s potential was organized and based on sound research. The program definitely raised the bar of performance here at Pacific CoastCom. The management task is very clear now … reinforce this new direction.”
Brian Hannigan – President – Pacific CoastCom


Eitan’s presentation was ideal for our board retreat. The high energy style got people connected and really set the stage for our goal setting afternoon. I was particularly pleased with the way the message was tailored to Junior Achievement. Rave reviews were received from many of the board members.
Linda Coss – President – Junior Achievement, British Columbia


Great! We were fascinated with Eitan’s new insights, challenges and personal experiences.
Ronald Schellekens – Marketing Director – Frito-Lay


Eitan’s presentations were enlightening and personalized for us, just what our Sales Associates needed to get them going for the New Year. Very high ratings from our people. Thank you!!
Peter Gilmour – Chairman SA – REMAX

crystal (1)

I would like to personally thank you for the management coaching sessions you have given me over the last few months. They proved very valuable and I’m already getting good results.
Bill Conaghan – Regional Vice President – Crystal Decisions


Eitan’s workshops are inspiring. He has the ability to challenge and overcome any doubts which one may have regarding one’s own potential and capabilities.
Dirk Pretorius – Training & Development General Manager – Unilever


If you are looking for a dynamic way of building confidence and team spirit…. My word, Eitan’s presentations are powerful stuff! Outstanding presentations and totally professional!
Cheryl Hoffmann – Regional Director Avroy-Shlain
You were an absolute WOW! The best learning experience I ever had. Excellent.

Beryl Shlain – Vice Chairman Avroy-Shlain – SARA-LEE Corporation


One consultant perfectly described Dynamic Achievement’s value to our organization when he said “this workshop was his greatest experience in twenty years”!
Pieter Van Rooyen – Regional Sales Director – Liberty Life Insurance


Powerful, dynamic and different. As individuals, we now know that we have so much more potential. The seminar encouraged full participation and broke down boundaries.
Bill Murphy – Operations Manager – Otis Elevator Co.


Best course I have ever taken.
Nick Gill – Process Coordinator – BC Hydro


“Feedback from the field has been tremendous and it is evident that our sales team is all fired up. As a direct result of Dynamic Achievement’s input, they are really making things happen.”



Eitan’s enthusiasm and energy had 320 light bulbs glowing at full power!
Hennie Retief – Sales Director – Standard Bank


Thank you Eitan, for your professionalism and contribution to our conference. It was a great success!
Robin Lord – Sales Manager – Elf Gas


The Dynamic Achievement Leadership and Development Program left an indelible mark on our business and all the participants. I can state without hesitation that Radio Active’s success was mainly because of your inspirational work, counsel, motivation and energy which unleashed latent potential amongst us.
Gab Mampone – General Manager – Radio Active SA Broadcasting Corporation


Eitan understands that successful companies consist of people who have achieved balance in their lives. During his workshops with our organization, the participants were challenged to look at their professional and personal lives. Were they being true to themselves, positive, taking responsibility and accountability, setting business objectives that created customer value, and finally did they realize that life begins only when they step out of their comfort zone? By helping all of us redefine success, we became a much more successful and dynamic organization.
Gary Robinson – General Manager – ConvaTec Bristol-Myers Squibb


It was extremely practical, realistic, easy to relate to and effective. It teaches you a way of life, not just presentation skills. Great job!
Ava Parissay – Product Engineer – Creo


Your presentation was lively and engaging! We all learned a great deal and you provided all of us with some tools we will immediately be able to put into action to enrich our own lives and to help us provide excellence in customer service. Thank you for your high energy and excellent presentation!
Michael Pearce – Director, Information Technology – Bentall Capital


Sales Mastery is much more than sales training. It has injected our organization with a new vibrancy and consciousness that will make us truly great.
Mike Heaven – P. Eng. Senior VP & Chief Operating Officer – Norsat International


“I have been so impressed with my interactions with Dynamic Achievement and I have learnt a tremendous amount from the Executive Coaching sessions. They have provided me with tools to deal with a variety of workplace situations that already have proved invaluable. I have recommended these sessions to anyone and everyone in the company especially at the senior level. Thank you!”
Paul Goldberg – MB ChB PhD FRCPC Senior Director, Clinical Biology & Target Discovery
Thank you for teaching us so many things about being a highly effective manager. I found the course very useful and had a lot of fun.
Raymond See – Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist – Xenon Genetics Inc.


Eitan has provided our MetroValley Group with one of the most unique messages we have ever been exposed to. His energy and ability to captivate the room is outstanding. While he can direct a group around all the typical sales and performance topics he has been far more effective when bringing self-awareness to our team and challenging them to reach far beyond their current expectations. As a result we have been far more aggressive in setting our goals and achieving them.
Candy Hodson – Director, Regional Sales and Development
MetroValley Newspapers – Black Community Newspaper Group


Your leadership program was excellent – very stimulating. This program has definitely changed my views on many issues. I can now focus more on what is important, what I can forget about and how I can help people and myself without being concerned about my inner self!
Norman Stark – CEO & President – Terminal Systems International


Eitan’s presentation on strategies and philosophies helped coach our people in recognizing these challenges, how to deal with them in the context of opportunities, and how to be part of the solution in helping the company evolve and move forward. Eitan’s presentation was very powerful. He held us captivated with ideas that were thought-provoking and aimed at energizing and inspiring us to work at business at a higher level. Last, but not least, he stressed the importance of our corporate culture, the responsibility of each of us to nurture this; the need for us to develop a passion for our business, and to pursue our goals in a clear and committed manner, being open, positive and daring to try new things.
Jennie Moushos – AXA Pacific Insurance


“Eitan brought an energy and perspective to our Visioning process that helped us bridge together some fairly complex goals. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
Matt Houghton – President and COO – Group HEALTH Global Partners
Eitan Sharir has made a difference to people that are near and dear to my heart. You should have seen them – they had their notes out on the table sharing with others that were not at your seminar. My heart was a mile round. Thank you once again. Bless you.
Colleen Gorrie – Volunteer Program Assistant – Carnegie Community Centre

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