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Immediate Impact, Accelerated Performance and Lasting Change

All executives and business owners want three outcomes from any investment they make in the business: accelerated performance, a positive return in their investment, and lasting change. However, many organizational interventions, be they leadership development, team development, corporate culture change initiatives, process improvements, or employee engagement interventions tend to produce only short-term gains that fade away as teams go back to their old habits. This is the analogy of the elastic band – as soon as you take your eye off the change initiative, the elastic band snaps back to the old way and people return to operating as they did before the intervention.
Why? Because real and sustainable business transformation can only happen when employees feel engaged at the core and aligned with a higher sense of purpose and meaning. Specifically, employees must see and believe in the organization’s strategy and goals because these are aligned with their personal purpose; employees must see that the culture of the business is aligned with the strategy (actions speak louder than words); employees must see that the way leadership conducts business is in alignment with their personal values and the expressed values of the organization, and finally, employees must believe that people at all levels (and particularly those in management) are going to be held accountable for performing at the highest level of excellence.
Many employees, at all levels of organizations, don’t see or feel this connection, which is why, in North America today, only 29% of employees feel actively engaged in their company and in their jobs.

Don’t Settle for Mediocre. Build a Culture of Excellence that is Sustainable, Measurable and Linked to Bottom Line Results.

Following years of strategy facilitation, guiding companies, leaders and teams, and helping them overcome challenges and achieve the next level of growth, Dynamic Achievement Group has learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to corporate strategy, culture, leadership, employee development and delivering performance excellence.

Our 5 Core Differences:

1. Business Strategy and Corporate Culture Expertise

We are not transactional consultants who start at the bottom of organizations in the hope that you will achieve some form of short term gain. We start where it really matters, at the top. We get to understand your business, your strategy, your differentiation, your customers, your competitors, your culture, your employees and your systems and processes. In short, we see your business as a systemic integrated whole as indicated in the model below:


Our Difference diagram2

Strategic Alignment

All three sides of this triangle must be in alignment for any business to stay in business.  The organization must have a clear and competitive strategic direction and the organizational capability and human capital to successfully deliver the strategy.

Guided by the values and principles of Vertical Organizational Thinking and with in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and extensive experience in the corporate world, we provide clients with a distinctly unique and integrated approach to strategy development, shifts in corporate culture, and the development of leadership and employees. Each of these are the cornerstones of Business Excellence that ultimately lead to accelerated performance, a positive return in their investment, and lasting change.
With combined business experience totaling decades, Dynamic Achievement Group has worked with literally thousands of corporate leaders and their respective teams in various industries all over the world. Our methodologies and programs are proven to be highly effective, as is evidenced by extraordinary, measurable client results and countless testimonials.
Our clients include: Mercedes-Benz, London Drugs, TELUS, Bell, Canfor, BCAA, Island Savings Credit Union, BlueShore Financial, Nicola Wealth Management, VanCity, Colgate-Palmolive, Scotia Bank, Coca Cola, Corix Utilities, Canadian Tire, Interior Savings Credit Union, Avis Rent a Car and Sheraton Hotels. Our satisfied clients report higher levels of strategic and business focus, team alignment, accountability, productivity, engagement, sales, and service, following the implementation of our corporate development programs and services.

2. Beyond Skills Training – High Impact Solutions

Most management, organization development and human resources training companies focus on teaching and developing new skills. Unfortunately, all the new skills in the world will not help organizations to achieve their full potential if they do not have the right culture or empower their people to take responsibility for changing themselves and their circumstances or if they do not align all their internal practices to their strategy and desired culture.
By taking organizational development further than the typical single transactional, one-dimensional, skill-specific information download, Dynamic Achievement Group provides client proven tools and processes that will ensure long-term sustainment. This approach propels team members to maximize their potential and the organization to achieve a positive ROI on its employee investment.

3. Unique Program Design

Dynamic Achievement Group’s phased approach is built into every one of our corporate development interventions. For each intervention:
  • We ensure that we understand the bigger picture and how all the pieces of the business need to fit together. We do this through the lens of our strategic alignment model
  • We ensure that the organization or employee groups are ready to receive and implement the change initiatives and that the change initiatives are integrated into the system and are not viewed in isolation
  • We deliver each intervention at the highest possible level

4. Real, Measurable Results

When it comes to organizational development, measurable and sustainable results are the true measure of success. This is the mandate within which every customized Dynamic Achievement Group program is developed, and it is how we ultimately wish to be evaluated. We will agree on evaluation criteria with you prior to the commencement of the program and throughout the process measure each milestone accordingly. The metrics you provide will form the foundation of our measurement criteria.

5. Performance Excellence Guarantee

If, after implementing the complete, fully integrated program as designed and recommended by Dynamic Achievement Group, and after applying the new strategies, tools and processes as suggested, you are not 100% satisfied with the return on your investment we will continue to work with you at no extra charge until the agreed objectives have been achieved.

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