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Trust Is the Greatest Asset a Leader Can Have

Great leaders TELL the truth, expect to HEAR the truth, and will only participate in the truth.   I was boarding the plane heading home after four intellectually challenging days facilitating a leadership development workshop for a group of executive leaders. Values were a key topic that we covered. As I walked down the isle […]

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The Vertical Leader Program – A Sustainable & High ROI Approach to Leadership Development

How can our Vertical Leader Program  be both sustainable and deliver a positive ROI? We know that Vertical Leaders have a deep desire to LEARN:

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Developing Leadership Excellence with Corix Group of Companies

In this case study video, Brett Hodson, President and CEO of Corix Group of Companies, talks about his experience with Dynamic Achievement Group’s Leadership Excellence, Culture of Excellence and Operational Excellence programs.   According to Brett Hodson, “Eitan’s program focused more on developing our mindsets as leaders….I’ve had the fortune of being educated in a […]

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