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Why Must Your Employees Have a Vertical Mindset?

In a Vertical Organization, employees work together to achieve meaningful goals. They are fully engaged, constantly learning, and focused on creating excellence for their customers. One of the most common mistakes companies can make, and one of the main roadblocks to moving from operating at a Horizontal to a Vertical level, is the failure to […]

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Are You a Vertical Leader?

Why Building a Vertical Organization Must Start at the Top A Vertical Organization is an organization that is not only clear and committed to its core purpose on paper, put has taken the important steps to activate the vision, mission, values and strategic business plan that form the roadmap to achieving excellence.

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7 Steps to Achieving True Innovation by Building a Vertical Organization

In the Winter 2013 issue of PeopleTalk Magazine, Eitan Sharir discusses the link between building a Vertical organization and achieving the culture of innovation that many companies aspire to, but only the top few truly achieve. Read the full article here. A Vertical Organization is an organization that is clear and committed to its purpose, […]

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