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Why Sales Training Alone Does Not Improve Sales Performance

You know that a high performance sales team is vital to the revenue and success of your company. But I see many sales leaders fall into the trap of sending their team members to one sales training program after another and getting the same results—short-term…

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Are You Empowering a Culture of Mediocrity and Low Performance?

In my recent article published in HRMA’s PeopleTalk Magazine, I explore how many business leaders, in an attempt to improve their corporate culture, may be inadvertently setting an expectation of mediocrity and low performance. How does this happen? We have a tendency to focus on…

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Eitan Sharir Launches New Culture of Excellence Corporate Development Program Series

New three-phase program solves two main corporate training and development problems: achieving immediate impact and creating sustainable results Vancouver-based corporate culture and leadership consultant, Eitan Sharir, has just launched Culture of Excellence, a new series of corporate development programs. This new program series is specifically…

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Six Key Characteristics of a Culture of Excellence

As a leader, you don’t head to work every day intending to achieve mediocre results. Nonetheless, you may be inadvertently setting mediocre expectations through your actions or focus. Unfortunately, this is a trap that snags many executives. Every executive and business owner wants immediate results…

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Are You Living Your Corporate Values?

Value statements are now recognized as an essential tool for successful organizations. These statements serve as torches that guide management and staff throughout all their actions and interactions — both internal and external. However, while creating a value statement is an important step, the true…

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