It’s My Call: Delivering Remarkable Customer Service over the phone

Whether over the counter or over the telephone, we know instantly when we encounter a remarkable customer service professional.  Outstanding customer service professionals really stand out because on every interaction, with every customer, they choose to do all they can to make their customer’s experience as positive as possible.  Remarkable customer service professionals really care and they have the skills to make it show.

Program Objectives

The aims of this workshop are to:
    1. Rapidly develop quality customer service and communications skills that enable Customer Service Representatives to communicate effectively – with tact and skill – when dealing with a variety of callers.  Participants will learn the skills necessary to meet every caller’s expectation and foster positive and sustainable relationships between the company and the customers it serves.
    2. Provide participants with the opportunity to practice, develop, and grow their customer service skills in practical, real life scenarios.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop you will learn:
    1. Why you need to give remarkable customer service.
    2. How to make a personal connection with each caller.
    3. How to ask callers questions that will give you valid information about their needs.
    4. How to keep calls on track.
    5. How to communicate clearly with customers about what you are doing for them.
    6. How to “own” the call.
    7. How to avoid taking tough calls personally.
    8. How to meet customers’ needs and to solve customers’ problems.
    9. How to maintain your professionalism and enthusiasm while working with all types of customers.
    10. How to manage the stress in your job.
And most important of all, you will learn:
    1. How to apply all the above skills on the job.

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