Strategic Leadership Presentations

It’s not just about what you say… it’s how you engage, enrol, and compel people to action

It is expected that leaders and managers can stand up in public and make effective presentations that will inform, persuade, move, and motivate others. Leaders often find themselves in situations where they are expected to give a talk in public or make an oral presentation. When making such presentations, you are not judged as much by your experience in the work situation or your knowledge of the subject, but rather according to your ability to influence and inspire others. The Strategic Leadership Presentation Program is designed specifically to provide leaders and managers with the knowledge, skills, and practice to plan, prepare, and develop effective group presentations that have the power to influence and inspire others.
When it comes to giving a compelling presentation, subject matter knowledge is not enough.
We have all attended presentations where the speaker knows the topic, but the delivery is dull, unconvincing and ineffective. The reality is that it’s not necessarily the best ideas that are adopted, but the ideas that are presented most effectively.
In our Strategic Leadership Presentations program, we will move beyond traditional presentation techniques to include the latest research and insights into strategic communication and influence. As a leader, you will learn how to communicate your ideas in a strategic, convincing and effective manner to diverse audiences of all levels and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Who Is this Program for?

This program is ideal for managers and leaders, who are required to communicate ideas in a strategic, convincing and effective manner in order to move the business forward.

Program Topics

Focusing on relevant, practical and business related topics, each presenter will receive individualized attention and coaching in order to hone their strategic presentation skills and become confident, dynamic and impactful communicators.
Our program topics include:
    • How to develop clear presentation objectives
    • How to effectively plan and customize the presentation
    • How to build better rapport with the audience
    • How to present strategically with purpose and conviction
    • How to engage and sustain the audience’s attention
    • How to project a competent and professional image
    • How to use your body language effectively
    • How to connect with diverse personality styles
    • How to remain focused on the goal
    • How to deliver powerful and dynamic presentations
    • How to utilize visual aids to strengthen your message
    • How to use technology to enhance your point
    • How to inform, inspire and compel your audience to action
    • How to achieve your presentation objectives
Expected Results
    1. Highly effective, strategic and dynamic presenters that deliver results
    2. Professional, self-assured and inspirational presenters that are able to lead with influence
    3. Compelling and engaging presentations
    4. Presenters who have the flexibility to present to different types of audiences
    5. Presenters who build better relationships and trust with your customers
    6. Leadership presentations that deliver the desired results

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