The Vertical Organization

Dynamic Achievement Group Builds Vertical Organizations

What is a Vertical Organization?

A Vertical Organization is an organization that is clear and committed to its purpose, (its vision, its mission and the strategic business plan that forms the road map to achieving excellence). With a strong Vertical business strategy, the leadership team mobilizes the entire organization to be engaged, enrolled, equipped and inspired to deliver superior results for the organization’s customers.

Is your organization operating at a Vertical or Horizontal level?  Most organizations aspire to achieve excellence and you can see this reflected in their vision, mission and business values. However, many organizations still operate at a horizontal level where teams work in silos and the organization tolerates mediocrity.

A Vertical Organization does not happen by chance. It is carefully crafted by a strong leadership team that is aligned and fully committed to achieving superior performance.

The results?  Highly engaged employees. Delighted customers who receive exceptional value. Improved profitability.


What is a Vertical Organization?

Eitan Sharir & Andrew Lindesay discuss what it really means to build a Vertical Organization

 7 Steps to Building Vertical Organizational Excellence 

In order to build the type of Vertical Organization that supports a culture of innovation and excellence, it is essential to move beyond simply creating a vision, mission and purpose statement. You need to activate what you’ve put on paper by building a Vertical Mindset and Culture across every one of your teams and employees.

There are seven key steps required to create Vertical Organizational Excellence:

1. Vertical Business Strategy:

Create a clear and differentiating strategic plan. Learn more.

2. Vertical Culture:
Engage and enroll every employee to be committed, accountable and inspired toward achieving a common goal. Learn more.

3. Vertical Leadership:

Build a strong executive and management team that is focused on influencing and inspiring excellence. Learn more.

4. Vertical Selling:

Develop a sales culture of excellence that accelerates revenue generation. Learn more.

5. Vertical Customer Service:

Activate and equip your customer service teams to deliver your unique ‘Service Excellence Experience’ for growing and sustaining loyal and repeat customers. Learn more.

6. Vertical Team Effectiveness:

Organize teams across your entire organization to operate with maximum efficiency and highest return on employee investment. Learn more.

7. Vertical Organizational Capability:

Optimize your entire operation to deliver sustainable results through superior structure, job design, standards and discipline and effective systems and processes. Learn more.

Building a vertical organization takes dedication and commitment, but is necessary to achieve the type of innovation that is required to provide customers with the value they are looking for.

It also creates the type of culture that makes your employees want to come to work every day, and empowers them to take action and make strong decisions that are in the best interests of your customers and the business.

By working with some of the world’s most admired and highest performing organizations, we have learned and distilled what it is they do and how they continue to create unique value for their customers. Our entire philosophy and consulting business practice is based on these methodologies and our Vertical Organizational Excellence Program has been specifically designed to help our clients deliver excellent results.

Get Started:

To achieve all the benefits associated with being a vertical organization, you need to apply the Vertical Organizational Excellence Program everywhere across your company from the executive group down to the sales and customer service teams. At Dynamic Achievement Group, we offer two ways for you to get started:

Option 1: Complete  7 Step Vertical Organizational Excellence Program

If you want highly engaged employees who deliver exceptional value to your customers which leads to superior financial performance, then this option is right for you.

The Complete Vertical Organizational Excellence Program is customized to your business and includes all of the seven steps outlined above.

To get started, please call us for an initial consultation.

Option 2: Individual Vertical Organizational Excellence Components
With our modular approach to building a vertical organization, you can get started with the specific area that is most important to you right now. This is the best option in order to solve your immediate needs and get introduced to our Vertical Organizational Excellence Program.

To get started, view more information on each of our 7 Step Vertical Organizational Excellence Program:

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