Dynamic Achievement

We believe the most significant advantage an organization has to thrive in complexity and uncertainty is its ability to co-create. Co-Creation is distinct from collaboration, which most of us are familiar with. Being able to work together is certainly important to an organization’s success, but a company’s potential is limited when only a few individuals are creating and innovating, or that innovation is happening in silos.

Imagine the collective power of everyone involved in creating something new, something once thought impossible, and something inspiring in its potential to benefit all! We are a team of specialists committed to the art and science of co-creation, the foundation of which rests in the mindset and culture of an organization.

Our Story

Dynamic Achievement was launched 21 years ago as a learning and development consulting firm specializing in leadership development, customer service, sales, trusted advice and team building. As we were working with more and more clients, it became apparent that some were adopting new skills and some were not, and we wanted to understand that gap. This led us to exploring Mindset at a deeper level.

We learned that only when people have really shifted their mindset (and by ‘really’ we mean at the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind), were the skills fully adopted and optimized for maximum effectiveness. So, we shifted our emphasis to Mindset and Culture development in helping our clients accelerate their progress, transform their relationships, and deliver exceptional results.

Clients began asking for more Mindset and Culture work because it created the biggest shift both for individual leaders and entire teams who now had a clear sense of purpose. Engagement, productivity, accountability, and overall performance all went up. It was almost ideal.

There was only one missing piece.

In the last couple of years, despite all the improvements our clients made with Mindset and Culture development, what had yet to transform was peoples’ ability to innovate – collectively and consistently. In other words, to co-create. This is now the leading edge work we focus on.

Our Team


Eitan Sharir, H.B.Comm

President, Organizational Culture and Performance.

Eitan specializes in helping organizations achieve excellence by developing mindsets and cultures of excellence. For more than 20 years, he has worked with many high achievers and leading organizations including, Starbucks, Mercedes Benz, Canadian Tire, TELUS and Coca-Cola, in areas ranging from leadership, teams, sales, and service. Eitan Sharir is also the author of Activate Your Power – How to Unlock Your Full Potential and Direct Your Own Success. Eitan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a post‐graduate degree in general management and international marketing.

Sasja Nieukerk-Chomos, MA (Leadership)

President, Culture of Service and Leadership.

Sasja is a specialist in organizational culture, leadership coaching and development, and employee engagement. Driven by her core purpose to create conditions for individuals, teams, and organizations to excel, Sasja helps people develop the mindset and skills they need to achieve superior results. Sasja has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Rachel Cree, BBA

Manager, Administrative Services and Support.

Rachel is the administrative guru at Dynamic Achievement. She has specialized training in Marketing Database Analytics, Office and Project Management, Survey Administration, and all administrative aspects of our ACHIEVE Excellence online learning platform. She is a true team player with an outstanding customer focus so clients’ requests are always given the utmost attention. Rachel is fluent in French and English and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from SFU.