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How Do Great Companies Become Excellent Companies?

Six Things Excellent Companies Do

  • Live Their Vision and Their Values
  • Have Leaders Who Inspire Their Teams to Achieve Excellence
  • Invest in Their People’s Personal Professional Development
  • Develop a Learning Journey Designed to Achieve Long-Term Results
  • Have Employees Who Are Personally Invested
  • Nurture Cultures of Excellence

The System Built to Produce Lasting Results

You know that ongoing training and development is crucial for the success of your team and your business.

Maybe you have already invested in training programs for your team but found that, despite great intentions and good information, not enough has changed.

There’s a good reason for that.

Most training and development programs are missing the key ingredients to success:

  • a breakthrough shift in MINDSET
  • a system for creating excellence designed to be SUSTAINABLE.

This is why we’ve developed a unique 3 Phase Achieve Excellence System that not only gives your team the tools and skills they need, but more importantly, develops the right mindset for excellence.

In addition, our built-i sustainability mechanisms will ensure that your teams not only achieve excellence, but continuously sustain it.

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Phase 1
Develop a Mindset for Excellence

In Phase 1 we focus on developing a Mindset for Excellence. Our Mindset determines how we view the world, and thus the outcomes we get. If you want excellence in your organization, then you need to develop a Mindset for Excellence.

Your team will learn how to cultivate a forward-moving, highly collaborative, fully accountable and committed mindset.

Imagine the potential of an organization with that type of culture – it’s a game changer.

This breakthrough phase will positively affect each team member at a deeper level – one that will transform the way that they show up not only at work, but with their families and communities. When this happens, your organization will start to see higher levels of employee engagement, customer service and overall business performance.

Phase 2
Build Skills to Deliver Excellence

After your team has completed Phase 1 and has learned how to develop a Mindset for Excellence, they can now move into Phase 2 and Build the Skills to Deliver Excellence. It is during this Phase that they are able to focus on the skills that they need to develop, cultivate or improve in order to achieve a higher level of performance, both individually and as a team.

They are now equipped with the right Mindset to learn and apply new skills.

Your team will also have a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a new skill or habit ‘sticky’ so that they can take what they have learned, apply it right away and continue to apply it so that it becomes sustainable.

Phase 3
Sustain Excellence Long-Term

In Phase 3, Sustain Excellence Long-term, your team is now able to leverage their Mindset and skills to achieve and maintain excellence.

By following the sustainability plan, everyone will have the opportunity to apply learnings in real-time, strengthen communication, collaboration and have a stronger focus on achieving the greatest outcomes possible.

In order to continually achieve excellence, you must stay focused on it. Ongoing access to the Mindset, knowledge and skills is needed.

It’s important to understand that in order for any increase in performance to be sustainable, we need to remain focused on practicing what we’ve learned as often as possible.

Our Solution to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence

When we learn something new, it’s important to understand that in order for it to be sustainable we need to put into practice what we’ve learned as often as possible.

  •  Any Time: You and your teams are busy, which is why one key to a sustainable program is access to the information when you need it.
  •  Anywhere: Travel, between meetings, or learning over lunch. You can access the information anywhere you happen to be.
  • Any Device: Purposefully designed in a cloud-based platform; you and your team can access the information and learning from any device that you prefer!

Organizations Just Like Yours Have This to Say After Partnering With Us

“Without exception, I and each of my Directors would say that [Dynamic Achievement] made a dramatic, relevant, and meaningful contribution to our team’s overall effectiveness.”

“…more satisfied customers and a more fulfilled staff, which in turn means more profit for the company. Obviously, these are exactly the results we were looking for.”​

“Dynamic Achievement …changed the mindset of all leaders helping them understand the importance of building a culture of excellence; their work on…mindsets inspired an exhilarating message that was taken back into people’s lives at home and in service of customers.”

“You could see how the powerful learning about Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. “

“Dynamic Achievement’s ability to align the training and OD initiatives with our key customer-centric strategies created a connection for staff and managers that increased their buy-in and adoption of the new systems or learning.”​

“What I wasn’t expecting was to get schooled in life. I’ve been to 40 or 50 different sales and HR training sessions. But I have never been to a training session that taught me about life and how to improve my life.”​

“Every team member has been fully immersed into their mindset and vertical leadership programs and the results have been profound.”