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Your culture is the operating system of your business.

Your company culture is the operating systems of your business. Organizations focused on improving their performance typically spend a lot of time and money training and developing skills. However, they often neglect to address the most important thing that creates the breakthrough they need to improve — a shift in mindset. A Mindset for Excellence is a heightened self-awareness that shapes our thoughts, feelings and actions to create the outcomes we want.

Without a shift in mindset, most training and development programs lead to a low return on investment. And sadly, despite good intentions, these programs alone don’t yield the results or improvements desired. That’s why all of Dynamic Achievement’s solutions focus on a three-phase approach that includes shifting the collective mindset and improving skills that deliver results.

Our 3-Phase Approach
to Achieving Excellence

You know that ongoing learning and development is crucial for the success of your team and your business. Maybe you have already invested in training programs for your team but found that, despite great intentions and good information, not enough has changed.

There’s a good reason for that. Most learning and development programs are missing the key ingredients to success:

  • a breakthrough shift in mindset
  • a system for creating excellence designed to be sustainable

We’ve developed a unique 3-Phase Achieve Excellence System that not only gives your team the tools and skills they need to perform, but also helps teams develop the right mindset.

In addition, our built-in sustainability mechanisms will ensure that your teams not only achieve excellence, but continuously sustain it. Here is how it works:

Develop a Mindset for Excellence

Phase One

Creating a shift in Mindset is the breakthrough your organization needs to take your team to a higher level of performance.

Our Mindset determines how we view the world, and thus the outcomes we get. If you want excellence in your organization, you need to develop a collective Mindset for Excellence.

Your team will learn how to cultivate a forward-moving, highly collaborative, fully accountable and committed mindset.

Imagine the potential of your organization when you have A COLLECTIVE MINDSET for excellence – ‘Mindset is the game changer.’

This breakthrough phase will positively affect each team member at a deeper level – one that will transform the way that they show up at work, at home and in their community. When this happens, your organization will start to see higher levels of employee engagement and accountability, customer service focus, and overall business performance.

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Build Skills to Deliver Excellence

Phase Two

Develop skills that engage, influence, and inspire others to collaborate and achieve great business results.

After your team has completed Phase 1 and has a collective Mindset for Excellence, they will move into Phase 2 and build the skills required to deliver excellence. Employees will develop these skills:

  • Leadership skills that influence and inspire their teams to achieve excellence
  • Service skills to deliver service excellence
  • Selling skills to improve sales performance

At the end of this phase, YOUR TEAM will be equipped with the right mindset and skills to deliver excellence.

Your team will also have a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a new skill or habit ‘sticky’ so that they can take what they have learned, apply it right away and continue to apply it so that it becomes sustainable.

Sustain Excellence Long-Term

Phase Three

We provide the structure, tools, and plan your team needs to stay connected to their purpose, focused on their goals, and accountable for results.

We know that in order for any increase in performance to be sustainable, we need to focus on practicing what we’ve learned as often as possible. Your team will leverage their new mindset and skills to achieve and maintain excellence.

By following Dynamic Achievement’s unique sustainability plan, your team will engage in structured cohorts and continue to apply their learnings in real-time. This will lead to strengthened communication, increased collaboration, and a stronger focus on achieving the greatest outcomes possible.

Your team will have ongoing access to our ‘Achieve’ online sustainment system to ensure that you continue to deliver superior results – now and in the future.

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We know that allocating days in class for your team’s development can be a challenge, which is why we offer our Culture, Mindset, Leadership, Sales, and Service programs in live virtual training sessions to maximize everyone’s time and to ensure learnings are put into practice.

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On-Site Training

The most effective way to shift the collective mindset in your organization is through direct experience. Our facilitators are experts in leadership development, neuroscience, adult learning, cognitive and emotional development, behavioural change, as well as team dynamics. We work with your teams to accelerate the development of your Culture of Excellence.

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Free Resources

Mindset is the new competitive advantage. Read our articles, blogs, and e-books, or listen to our podcast on Mindset and find out how you can create that advantage in your organization (and your own life).

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Speak at Your Event

We do more than provide keynote presentations—we help you deliver the best conference ever! From identifying topics and customizing our presentations, Dynamic Achievement’s focus is to wow your audience with practical take home value that lasts beyond the event.

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Culture of Excellence

If you know that the potential of your organization is far greater than what your teams are currently delivering, talk to us about putting together a custom-made program for your organization, designed to provide a comprehensive culture shift in 24 months or less. 

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Sustaining Excellence Program

With on-going support modules and access to our consultants, we ensure that the lessons learned in our culture, leadership, sales, or service programs become trained habits that contribute to a life of excellence and executive leadership.

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“Dynamic Achievement helped translate these important shifts into a robust action plan. You could see how the powerful learning about a Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. Their confidence, sense of pride and personal accountability increased dramatically.”
– Jackie Goldman, Vice President, HR Programs
Canadian Tire

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