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Employee Engagement vs. Culture Surveys: Knowing Which is Best for Your Organization

Organizations that want to grow their business and optimize their results inevitably come to the realization that they need to be looking inward to understand what’s going on with their people. After all, business success starts and ends with people. Surveysare a practical and measurable way to gather valuable information from a large number of […]

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Negotiation and the Three Positions

The Challenge: The time has come where you are close to getting what you want. Maybe it is a job, perhaps a contract, a new car or a raise.¬†What is the challenge? You are about to negotiate and you do not like it. Our view at Dynamic Achievement is this discomfort comes from seveal sources: […]

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Trust Is the Greatest Asset a Leader Can Have

Great leaders TELL the truth, expect to HEAR the truth, and will only participate in the truth.   I was boarding the plane heading home after four intellectually challenging days facilitating a leadership development workshop for a group of executive leaders. Values were a key topic that we covered. As I walked down the isle […]

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