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Trust Is the Greatest Asset a Leader Can Have

Great leaders TELL the truth, expect to HEAR the truth, and will only participate in the truth.   I was boarding the plane heading home after four intellectually challenging days facilitating a leadership development workshop for a group of executive leaders. Values were a key topic that we covered. As I walked down the isle […]

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The Expectation of Excellence: Creating a High Performance Culture

Download the new PeopleTalk article by Eitan Sharir As a leader you don’t head to work everyday intending to achieve mediocre results. Nonetheless, are you inadvertently setting mediocre expectations through your actions or focus? Unfortunately, this is a trap that snags many organizational and business leaders. Are You Empowering Low Performance? As any teacher can […]

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The Vertical Leader Program – A Sustainable & High ROI Approach to Leadership Development

How can our Vertical Leader Program be both sustainable and deliver a positive ROI? We know that Vertical Leaders have a deep desire to LEARN:

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