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In Turbulent Times, Vertical Leaders Rise to the Challenge

We live in a world and an environment that is diverse, disruptive, and constantly changing. This creates a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity for people to deal with. Sometimes those changes are local – within our families or our workplace – and sometimes, they happen on a global scale.

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Avoid Deadly Automatic Thinking at Work

I want to tell you about a syndrome known as mindless acceptance syndrome (MAS) which is a direct result of our brains automatic thinking process. As humans we go about our daily business in the office for the most part on automatic pilot. I mean this quite literally. Neurosciences research has taught us that our brains […]

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5 Free and Simple Ways to Create Instant Shifts in Company Culture

Think of corporate culture as the operating system of your business. When your corporate culture is not optimized, your employees may appear to be professionally committed, but, in reality, they are not fully engaged, accountable or committed to excellence. As Professor James L. Heskett wrote in his book The Culture Cycle, effective culture can account […]

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