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How leadership with a Vertical mindset can benefit organizational communications

Dynamic Achievement has created a framework to describe the Mindset of Leaders and Organizations and refers to them as either more Horizontal or more Vertical.

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Today’s Turbulent Times: Why We Need Vertical Leaders Now More Than Ever

We live in a world and an environment that is diverse, disruptive, and constantly changing. This creates a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity for people to deal with. Sometimes those changes are local – within our families or our workplace – and sometimes, as the United States election has just demonstrated, they happen on […]

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How Neuroscience is teaching us to avoid deadly automatic thinking at work.

I want to tell you about a syndrome known as “mindless acceptance syndrome” or “MAS” which is a direct result of our brains automatic thinking process. As humans we go about our daily business in the office for the most part on automatic pilot. I mean this quite literally. Neurosciences research has taught us that […]

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