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Why Must Your Employees Have a Vertical Mindset?

In a vertical organization, employees work together to achieve meaningful goals. They are fully engaged, constantly learning, and focused on creating excellence for their customers. One of the main roadblocks to moving from operating horizontally to operating vertically is the failure to realize that a company is made up of individuals. The only way to […]

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9 Reasons Organizations Don’t Meet Performance Goals

Every organization strives to achieve a culture of innovation, engagement and high performance. However, most organizations fail to take the important next steps to achieve the performance goals that they’ve put down on paper, and end up operating in a  way that supports mediocre performance and results. We call this type of organization, a horizontal […]

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Are You Tired of Achieving Mediocre Results?

While every business aspires to operate as a vertical organization — committed to its purpose and clear on how to deliver on its missions, values, goals and strategic plan — the reality is many organizations are stuck at operating at the horizontal level. In a horizontal organization, employees are driven more by fear and less […]

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