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Build a Vertical Organization, Achieve True Innovation

A vertical organization is an organization that is clear and committed to its purpose, vision, mission and the strategic business plan that forms the roadmap to achieving excellence. Key elements of a vertical business strategy include a strong leadership team that mobilizes the entire organization to be engaged, equipped and inspired to deliver superior performance […]

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Why Don’t Many Sales Training Programs Work?

You know that a high performance sales team is vital to the revenue and success of your company. But many sales leaders fall into the trap of sending their team members to one sales training program after another and getting the same results—short-term rises in performance that quickly drop off as sales people drift back […]

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Get Instant and Lasting Change from Training and Development Programs

I have been working with sales executives and teams for more than 18 years now. In that time, there are two big-picture problems with sales training programs that come up repeatedly:  Sales results need to turn around quickly, but the uptake from sales training programs is too slow Sales results need to be sustainable, but […]

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