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4 Symptoms of a Corporate Culture Problem

Often, it’s the companies that are already doing really well that realize what an impact corporate culture has on their organizations. These companies continually invest in improving their corporate cultures to support growth. For most companies, however, there is a significant event or trigger that causes them to seek help. These triggers include:

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Better Sales Performance Starts with the Right Mindset

You know that a high performance sales team is vital to the revenue and success of your company. But I see many sales leaders fall into the trap of sending their team members to one sales training program after another and getting the same results—short-term rises in performance that quickly drop off as sales people […]

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Are You Empowering a Culture of Low Performance?

Over the years, I’ve explored how many business leaders, in an attempt to improve their corporate culture, may be inadvertently setting an expectation of mediocrity and low performance. How does this happen?

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