Communicating with Influence

In today’s complex business environment, employees need to influence effectively in all directions and with a multitude of stakeholders. The scope and range of employees’ responsibilities make it necessary to influence downwards, upwards, and sideways with equal effectiveness.

This program is designed for participants who are responsible for achieving business results with others and through others and therefore need mastery of the communications and influence skills.

This program focuses intensively on communication skill development and application through reinforced practice – using real life simulation exercises.

Participants leave the program with the communications and influence skills and the confidence to apply their learning on the job.


  • The specific objectives of this phase are to develop the most essential communication and influence skills so as to work more effectively with people internal and external to your organization and thereby achieve greater business results


  • Understanding how your Mindset influences your communication and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Power and influence
  • The skills required for effective communication


All employees: This program is applicable to all people who need to communicate, collaborate, and influence others.
Leadership: This program is essential to all people leaders who need to collaborate with, influence, inspire, and develop others.

The skills learned in this program are the foundation to all leadership and team effectiveness programs
(Coaching, Negotiating, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Leading Change, Meeting Effectiveness)


12 hours in live virtual sessions or 2 days on-site


In live virtual sessions or on-site