Conflict Resolution

As long as there are people in organizations there will be conflict of some kind.

For many people, the word Conflict has negative connotations, therefore, at Dynamic Achievement, we ascribe a different definition and call it “Creative Tension”. Tension because there is a gap between what currently exists (i.e. what is) and what someone wants; and Creative because all Tension seeks to be resolved – and we look for creative ways of resolving that tension. We regard Creative Tension as a key driver of improved innovation and ultimately team and business performance. What is needed is the Mindset and the Skills to engage in Creative Tension and work collaboratively towards a higher goal.

This program focuses intensively on skill development and application through reinforced practice – using real life simulation exercises. Participants leave the program with the skills and the confidence to apply their learning on the job.


  • Understanding how your Mindset influences your attitude towards conflict and your approach to resolving it.
  • Understanding of how your personality influences the way you view and work with conflict
  • Stronger relationships with others
  • The skills to work collaboratively with others when there are different perspectives
  • Improved ability to deal with people whom you find challenging
  • A more respectful and appreciative workplace


  • Understanding one’s own biases when approaching conflict
  • The 5 modes of conflict resolution and when to use them
  • The skills required to deal with conflict effectively using a co-creative
    approach to goal achievement


This course is applicable to learners at all organizational levels in the organization.


6 hours in live virtual sessions or 1 day on-site


In live virtual sessions or on-site