Mindset for Sales

Sales organizations that consistently outperform their competition have one thing in common: they have created a culture of sales excellence. To create this kind of culture, you have to start with a mindset for excellence followed by exceptional sales skills. No amount of skills training will make the difference you are looking for without the right Mindset. Our Culture of Sales Excellence program uses our unique three-phase process to guarantee the sustained sales results you want, as well as the highest return on your investment.


  • Individual and collective mindset for sales excellence
  • A self-driven and motivated sales team
  • Advanced selling skills for different customer situations
  • Highly effective sales leadership team
  • Strong collaboration and innovation
  • Measurable increase in sales performance and profitability
  • Culture of sustained sales excellence


  • How to cultivate a mindset for sales excellence
  • The difference in mindset between excellence and mediocrity
  • How mindset impacts our sales behaviour and performance
  • The ‘Road to Sales Excellence’ and the sales traps that lay ahead
  • How to build the individual sales and team capacity to stay focused on the goal
  • How to maximize the selling process to accelerate sales performance


This program is designed for sales leaders, sales professionals, business development managers, and account managers who are responsible for sustained sales excellence.


30 hours in live virtual sessions or 5 days on-site + 12 months with our ACHIEVE Online Sustainment System


In live virtual sessions or on-site