Due to COVID 19 and other environmental challenges, Dynamic Achievement was engaged by IKEA Richmond to help the leadership team develop greater cohesion and increase their capacity and leadership skills to influence and inspire their teams to achieve their highly aspirational annual goals.
Dynamic Achievement worked with the leadership team for six months by implementing ‘The Co-Creation Leader’ program which covered the following key areas: 1. mindset for leadership excellence, 2. developing a culture of excellence, 3. developing practical leadership skills that inspire teams to achieve excellence, 4. sustaining leadership excellence with our ‘ACHIEVE Online Sustainability program’.
At the end of the program, IKEA reported the following results:
  • Increased team cohesion and individual commitment
  • Expanded capacity to innovate and adapt
  • Increased ability to lead and inspire their teams
  • Increased focus on delivering superior results faster
  • Mindset for leadership excellence
  • Greater clarity at understanding organizational culture
  • Practical and measurable action plan on how to shift the culture to the ‘Ideal Culture’
  • Significantly improved business and financial results

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