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Insights Discovery™

Insights Discovery™ is a simple and accessible four colour model that helps us to understand ourselves and others. Every person has all four colour energies within them; it is the combination of these energies which creates our unique personality. Our colour energies refer to a set of characteristics that tend to be our most preferred or most natural way to be.

Insights Discovery™ uses a language that is simple to understand and remember. That means people can continue to use the Insights Discovery™ terminology on a daily basis, which is vital when conflicts arise, team dynamics change or there is a change in leadership.
When you start your journey using the Insights Discovery™ profile, you’re investing in your people and giving them the tools to work better together.  Insights can be used to further help teams, leaders and sales people.


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The profile can be combined to create a solution for your team or organization that helps solve a vast range of business problems, including managing change, creating a diverse and inclusive culture, and building successful customer service and sales teams. And these are just a few examples.
Insights Discovery™ profile contains insight on style, key strengths and weaknesses, value to team, blind spots, and suggestions for development. In addition, the profile may also include information on management style, personal achievement, effective selling, and interviewing guide.
Dynamic Achievement uses the Insights Discovery™ in a number of circumstances such as for: individual, leadership, and team development, as well as for career management coaching. Insights Discovery™ can be integrated into the various training programs, used as a standalone workshop, 1:1 profile debrief, and can be customized for the organization and target audience.

“The Dynamic Achievement Leadership Program left an indelible mark on our business and all the participants. I can state without hesitation that Radio Active’s success was mainly because of your inspirational work, counsel, motivation and energy which unleashed latent potential amongst us.”
–Gab Mampone, Radio Active SA Broadcasting Corporation
General Manager

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