Mindset for Excellence

We develop the mindset that creates excellence across the organization

Developing a Mindset for Excellence is the difference that contributes most to individual and team performance and the organization’s overall success. When team members embrace the right Mindset, they are more engaged, more accountable, more supportive, and more collaborative. In addition, they have an expanded capacity to deal with challenges and stay focused on what really matters.

Mindset for Excellence is a 2-day program that highlights our significantly differentiated approach to organizational training development. Some of the words that have been used by clients to describe this program are: “Our Breakthrough”, “The Big Shift”, “The Game Changer”.

Through our experience in working with some of North America’s most successful organizations, we have learned that to achieve excellence, leaders and teams need more than just skills training.

Mindset is about each person’s outlook and beliefs, which determine how effectively they behave and perform. To develop a mindset that achieves excellence, both individually and collectively, we work with leaders and teams to minimize ineffective mindsets and enhance those that deliver superior performance.


  • Higher engagement, commitment and fulfillment at work
  • Greater courage to be creative, innovate, take initiative, and follow through
  • Increased resilience to dealing with change and workplace challenges
  • Measurable improvements in overall performance
  • A clear action plan to ensure sustained application of the skills
  • Significantly improved ability to lead others
  • A Culture of Excellence throughout the business


  • The 14 Levels of Awareness and how they shape our thoughts, our feelings, our actions and therefore the outcomes we create at work and at home
  • Heightened Self-Awareness and Self-Governance under all circumstances
  • Developing and committing to an Excellence Sustainment Plan to ensure that our learning journey continues, and we apply our new Mindset in all aspects of our lives


Every leader and member of your organization


12 hours in live virtual sessions or 2 days on-site + optional 12 months with our ACHIEVE Online Sustainment System


In live virtual sessions or on-site

Why work with us?

At Dynamic Achievement, we have created a unique approach for developing a Mindset for Excellence. Our program focuses on creating sustainable shifts in performance that ensure organizations deliver excellence over the long-run.

Our experience with clients over the last 25 years has proven that developing a Mindset for Excellence leads to higher engagement, commitment, and fulfilment at work. It also increases resilience, innovation and accountability, all of which deliver measurable results in your organization’s performance

We live by our values, we are purpose driven, and we are results oriented. Our team is here to help you develop the mindset for excellence that your business needs.

Case Study

Every team member participated in the Mindset for Excellence program
The Executive Team participated in our Culture and Mindset program
Every sales professional participated in the Culture of Sales Excellence program

Business results increased by over 30% year on year
Employee engagement showed measurable improvements
Sales closing rates increased by over 100% in less than 18 months