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Situation and challenge

Bell had a senior leadership team tasked with delivering “Flawless Games” for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. While already very high performing it was of critical importance that this team were operating at a flawless level themselves. To achieve this goal, Bell hired Andrew to work with the senior leadership team as a group, as a coach for individual team members, and with the VP Olympic Services and Operations to maximize the team’s overall effectiveness.


Dynamic Achievement facilitated regular team effectiveness meetings over the course of one year, coached individual team members one on one, and helped the team to work through and resolve issues quickly and effectively so as to improve the team’s overall performance.


The VP Olympic Services and Operations reported that Andrew made a dramatic, relevant and meaningful contribution to the team’s overall effectiveness.
I unreservedly endorse Andrew’s abilities as a team facilitator, team coach and individual executive coach. Without exception, I and each of my Directors would say that Andrew made a dramatic, relevant, and meaningful contribution to our team’s overall effectiveness
– Justin Webb,
Vice President, Olympic Services and Operations

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