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Situation and Challenge

River Rock had a goal that was to significantly expand the business and double its size.
To achieve the growth goals the organization needed to find a way to create real differentiation from competitors (who were in the exact same space) and to change the culture so as to motivate all staff and keep them engaged.
Ultimately, to thrive and grow, the organization needed to change the way it did business.


To help them achieve their growth goals, Dynamic Achievement really got to know the business on a very personal level and did not treat the client like a product. Using a tailored approach they helped to define the new future and then to achieve their specific goals with fresh, new ideas. Eitan’s highly energetic and vibrant style, which comes from his core, created a tension that ensured the company met its goals and aligned individual goals and people’s’ core beliefs with the company goals. “Eitan was a real Change Catalyst”.


1. Exceeded revenues targets for 2011                         2. Customer service index went from 84% to 87% – Top tier in North America                                              3. Staff Engagement went up in every hospitality department year over year

The simplest way I can describe what Eitan’s impact had on us is that he is a Business Catalyst. He provides the environment that creates thought-provoking new ideas to lead us to the next level. It has helped us develop a new passion for our business and pursue higher goals in a clear and committed manner.
– Roland Monteiro,
General Manager, Hospitality Operations

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