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Situation and Challenge

Telus provided outsourced solutions to customers across Canada. Through its growth strategy most employees who joined the Division were not there by choice but due to acquisition. Each employee needed to be integrated into the Telus Culture – which is customer facing, and commercially driven, unlike the previous cultures these new employees were accustomed to.


Dynamic Achievement was hired to help the organization analyze and define what it needed to do to move the business forward. The process started with a deep understanding of where the business needed to get to (its aspirational future), analysis of where it currently stood (its current reality), and the development of a customized approach to close that gap. Eitan’s exceptional thought provoking questioning skills quickly got to the heart of the matter. He challenged the status quo for the benefit of the business. And his methodology around culture and mindset helped people to fully appreciate how the culture of the business is critical to its success in such a competitive marketplace.


Due to this engagement, Dynamic Achievement helped to improve employee engagement from 43% to 65%; they changed the mindset of all leaders helping them understand the importance of building a culture of excellence; their work on individual’s mindsets inspired an exhilarating message that was taken back into people’s lives at home and in service of customers.
Our organization has recently gone through an ambitious transformation to becoming a cohesive, national organization. Our company recognizes that if we are to fulfill on our growth strategy, leadership from our executives, managers and sales professionals is paramount to our success. Eitan has been invaluable in working with our leaders to help each of them become aware of their individual leadership styles and the impact that each of them has on the culture of our organization.
– Jose Dino,
General Manager at TELUS Sourcing Solutions

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