Nicola Wealth Management

Situation and challenge

Nicola Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management firm that a firm dedicated to serving the complex needs of high net worth families, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The Chairman and Executive team of Nicola Wealth Management engaged Dynamic Achievement to help them develop a highly aspirational and inspirational 5-year vision that would propel their business from $1,5 Billion AUM to $5 Billion AUM.


  1. The Executive Team participated in our facilitated Strategy session including a roll out of the plan throughout the organization
  2. Every team member participated in the Mindset for Excellence program
  3. The Executive Team participated in our Culture and Mindset program
  4. The Executive Team participated in our Leadership Assessment and Development process
  5. Managers and Leaders participated in our Leading for Excellence program


  1. Achieved the $5 Billion AUM Goal 3 months before the goal date
  2. Client Retention Rate increased to 99%
  3. New client referrals increased
  4. Overall Culture became a more constructive culture as per the latest culture survey.
“Dynamic Achievement helped us improve our corporate culture to achieve our ambitious goals. In the last five years we have more than tripled our revenue and assets under management, dramatically increased our annual giving to our community, and added key people to our list of shareholders. Dynamic’s work with our management team and staff have being an integral part of our success.”
– John Nicola, Nicola Wealth Management
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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