Westminster Savings Credit Union

Situation and challenge

The executive team at Westminster Savings were tasked with creating a corporate culture that would accelerate their progress toward the achievement of their business strategy. To achieve this goal, Dynamic Achievement was hired to work with all people leaders and staff to develop a culture of excellence that displayed leadership, and sales and service excellence.


  1. Every team member participated in the 2-day Mindset for Excellence program to create ‘the shift’ and move the culture forward
  2. Every leader attended The Vertical Leader program to learn how to influence and inspire their teams
  3. Every sales and service professional participated in the Sales and Service Excellence program


The President and CEO reported that as a result of the Culture of Excellence program, Dynamic Achievement made a dramatic, relevant and meaningful contribution to the team’s overall engagement, accountability, and bottom line financial performance.
We have partnered with Dynamic Achievement for more than five years and I can't overstate the impact this partnership has had on our organization! Every team member has been fully immersed into their mindset and vertical leadership programs and the results have been profound. These initiatives have been woven into the culture of Westminster Savings and engagement and collaboration across the organization has never been stronger. If you are serious about making a significant positive shift in your organization, I strongly recommend you consider the immense talents of the entire Dynamic Achievement Team.
– Gavin Toy,
President and CEO Westminster Savings Credit Union

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