River Rock is part of a multifaceted organization. While all leaders reported to have the same ultimate end goal, the challenge was that leaders were working in silos and taking different paths to achieve their goals.
River Rock engaged Dynamic Achievement to help create a structure and a culture that ensured that everyone focused on the same goal, was heading in the same direction., and was taking the same path. Dynamic Achievement added significant value with their approach which was to provoke and cajole people to think differently in service of the customer. The Mindset shift that occurred ensured that everyone who worked for River Rock was performing at the highest level possible.
Before working with Dynamic Achievement, the organization reported that they sincerely believed that they had a great product and provided great service, but based on the work that took place, they saw a significant improvement in their product and service offering – no longer just satisfied with the status quo, the leaders believe that service was delivered at an excellent level and they achieved their goal of 95% or better. For River Rock, the improvement was from Great to Excellent.

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