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Selection Interviewing

All great people… but who will be the best fit for your organization?

Improving the quality and effectiveness of your selection decisions will produce many tangible benefits for your organization. First and foremost, hiring the right people will improve bottom line results – as higher performing employees produce better results than lower performing employees. In addition, hiring the right people will improve general workplace productivity, workplace morale, and customer service – ensuring your organization lower absenteeism, lower turnover, and less wasted resources dealing with weak performers. 

This workshop will teach you a process that will immediately enhance the predictive accuracy of your selection decisions.  It obtains accurate information about past job performance that is the best predictor of future job performance.

This program focuses intensively on interview skill development and application through reinforced practice – using real life selection simulation exercises. Participants leave the program with the skills and the confidence to apply their learning on the job.



  • Hiring the right candidates with the right mindset, cultural fit,
    skills and capabilities
  • Improved performance across the business
  • Improved team relationships
  • Avoiding the high cost of poor hiring decisions, namely:  an immediate and long-term negative impact on workplace productivity and performance. Not only will a poor hiring decision result in poor performance from the individual, but their behaviour may also contribute to turnover among good employees and long-term customers.

KEY Focus Areas

  • The nine hazards of hiring
  • Personality traits versus performance competencies
  • Resume review; Interviewing skills; Reference checking; Using assessments
  • Assessing and rating competencies
  • Your legal responsibilities


Human Resources, Managers and leaders who conduct interviews and make hiring decision.


1 day in class


This program is offered on-site.

“This program is so powerful that it’s hard to put it into words. Since we started working with Dynamic Achievement, the PolarBoard Division has transformed into something amazing with significant improvements in communications, productivity, participation, and reduction in safety related injuries. Our staff is coming to work because they want to and are also happier at home. We have created a working environment that people want to belong to and where everybody is working together in one direction
– Lorence Forsberg, Canfor
Division Manager

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