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The Vertical Executive

The Vertical Executive is a comprehensive culture and leadership development program specifically designed for executives to develop a Culture of Excellence. We know that culture is the operating system of a business, and we know that leaders—particularly executive leaders—are the greatest creators of Culture. The Vertical Executive starts with a culture and executive team dynamic survey, and then focuses on developing, designing, and implementing a tailor-made executive development program, specific to the needs of the business.



  • A clear business strategy and plan to execute
  • Alignment at the executive level
  • Strong executive leadership collaboration
  • Heightened accountability (individual and collective) to deliver excellence
  • Higher levels of employee commitment, retention, and engagement

KEY Focus Areas

  • Strategy development
  • Structure and process to execute effectively
  • Performance management
  • Decision making at a strategic level 
  • Systems thinking
  • Developing a Culture of Excellence



This workshop is designed for executive leaders in the organization.


12 to 24 months based on the needs of the business.


This program is offered on-site.

“This self exploration allowed us to consider our past actions and behaviours, as well as learn new skills to consider our future lives. Our team of critical Branch Manager leaders were highly motivated and energized by new concepts, and were able to apply Dynamic Achievement's teachings into practical applications to improve their lives– as individuals first and business leaders second. Thank you for opening our minds to new perspectives and insights to achieve greater results in all that we do!”
– Lydia Johnson, VanCity Credit Union
Vice-President, Sales and Service

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