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The Vertical Leader

In today’s competitive business environment, leaders can’t rely on positional power alone. Leaders have to develop the skills and tools needed to influence and inspire others at all levels of an organization. The Vertical Leader builds on the skills learned in The Vertical Manager, with a greater emphasis on leading with influence, coaching for excellence, and achieving measurable results. In this program, you will develop a Vertical Leader’s mindset, enabling you to inspire others, lead with confidence through the day-to-day complexities of your organization, and create and sustain a culture of excellence.



  • Higher levels of employee commitment, retention, and engagement
  • Increased innovation and continuous improvement
    Greater accountability for performance
  • Stronger internal collaboration
  • Development of internal employee bench-strength
  • Increased organizational alignment
  • Improved organizational performance

KEY Focus Areas

  • Mindset for Excellence
  • Leading with Influence
  • Coaching for Excellence
  • Development of self, relationship with others, and the development of internal bench-strength


This workshop is designed for all managers and leaders (from front-line supervisors to executive leaders), and emerging leaders who have been identified for future roles in leadership.


7 days in class (spread over 4-6 months) or,
Blended learning (spread over 12 months).


This program is offered both online and on-site (blended learning).
“This program is so powerful that it’s hard to put it into words. Since we started working with Dynamic Achievement, the PolarBoard Division has transformed into something amazing with significant improvements in communications, productivity, participation, and reduction in safety related injuries. Our staff is coming to work because they want to and are also happier at home. We have created a working environment that people want to belong to and where everybody is working together in one direction
– Lorence Forsberg, Canfor
Division Manager

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