Employee Engagement Survey


Employee Engagement Survey

Research on the issue of employee engagement consistently indicates that organizations that have a high number of engaged employees and a higher level of employee engagement experience better business performance than their counterparts who have fewer engaged employees and lower levels of employee engagement. In other words, there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and business performance.
When employees are engaged, they see and feel a connection between their daily contributions to their organization and the success of their organization.
The stronger the connection between employees and their organization, the greater the motivation and commitment on their part to help their employer achieve it business goals.


What does engagement look like?

Engaged employees use greater “discretionary effort” in all that they do. They are more productive, innovative, and take more ownership of results, thereby creating and sustaining a high performing organization. Engaged employees provide superior customer service. In all that they do, engaged employees ‘go the extra mile’ to help the organization achieve its business goals.

Our three phase plan

Our typical three phase process for measuring employee engagement ensures accurate measurement, a clear development plan, and sustained performance improvement

  • Phase 1 – Survey Design
  • Phase 2 – Survey Administration
  • Phase 3 – Planning And Building Excellence Into The Business
“The Dynamic Achievement Leadership Program left an indelible mark on our business and all the participants. I can state without hesitation that Radio Active’s success was mainly because of your inspirational work, counsel, motivation and energy which unleashed latent potential amongst us.”
–Gab Mampone, Radio Active SA Broadcasting Corporation
General Manager

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