Leading a Culture of Excellence

Leading a Culture of Excellence

The Dynamic Achievement Leading a Culture of Excellence Program is specifically designed to help organizations develop a culture of excellence that delivers their business results faster.

This is not a typical leadership development program. The uniqueness of Leading a Culture of Excellence is its primary focus on helping leaders develop a culture that is consistently delivering excellent results.

During the program, every leader develops a clear Leadership Excellence Plan directly related to the organization’s strategic objectives. Every aspect of Leading a Culture of Excellence is then geared towards executing the plan and achieving excellence.



  • Engaged team members who are aligned, focused and committed to your company’s vision and values
  • Clarity of Purpose, Goals, and the actions required to achieve them
  • Increased capacity to innovate and deal with challenges
  • A cohesive team, with highly committed team members
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and fulfillment at work
  • A stronger focus and drive to deliver excellence
  • Achieving a Culture of Excellence

KEY Focus Areas

  • The 14 Levels of Awareness and how they shape the leader’s capacity to influence and inspire others
  • Developing and executing a Leadership Excellence Plan
  • Increasing resilience to deal with change and complexity
  • Dealing effectively with challenging people and situations
  • Developing team members to become more innovative and accountable
  • Keeping teams focused on their goals
  • Working more collaboratively with peers
  • How to lead upwards
  • Taking responsibility for actions and results


This course is designed for all managers and leaders (customized for each level of leadership, from front-line supervisors to executive leaders).


12 months which includes 7 days (spaced) on-site and/or live virtual training sessions + sustainment with our ACHIEVE Excellence Online Learning System.


This program is offered on-site and/or in live virtual training sessions.

“This program is so powerful that it’s hard to put it into words. Since we started working with Dynamic Achievement, the PolarBoard Division has transformed into something amazing with significant improvements in communications, productivity, participation, and reduction in safety related injuries. Our staff is coming to work because they want to and are also happier at home. We have created a working environment that people want to belong to and where everybody is working together in one direction
– Lorence Forsberg, Canfor
Division Manager

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