Meeting Effectiveness

Meetings are extremely costly, not only in terms of the direct financial investment, but also in terms of participants’ emotional investment and engagement. When run properly, the effective meetings create the opportunity to add significant value to the business.
Leaders who run great meetings improve innovation, collaboration, decision making, commitment, accountability, and overall
better business performance.
Unfortunately, as most of us have experienced, many meetings are simply a waste of people’s time and lead to disengagement, frustration, lack of follow through, and are overall unproductive.
This program focuses intensively on meeting effectiveness skill development and application through reinforced practice – using real life meeting simulation exercises. Participants leave the program with the facilitation skills, the meeting effectiveness tools and processes, and the confidence to apply their learning on the job.



  • Effective meeting that add significant value to the business
  • Rapidly develop the skills managers need to plan, organize, and facilitate effective meetings so that all participants work together effectively to achieve their business, team, and individual goals
  • Clear and defined meeting structures that lead to improved team cohesion and team decision-making
  • Improved individual and team accountability

KEY Focus Areas

  • The cost of meetings
  • Who to include in the meeting
  • The meeting agenda
  • Meeting pre-work and preparation
  • Key skills and practices for an effective meeting facilitator
  • Achieving consensus as a decision-making tool
  • Dealing with interpersonal dynamics
  • Using meeting effectiveness tools and visual aids


Leaders at all levels who facilitate team meetings or engage in group


1/2 to 1 day


This program is offered on-site and/or in live virtual training sessions.

“The Dynamic Achievement Leadership Program left an indelible mark on our business and all the participants. I can state without hesitation that Radio Active’s success was mainly because of your inspirational work, counsel, motivation and energy which unleashed latent potential amongst us.”
–Gab Mampone, Radio Active SA Broadcasting Corporation
General Manager

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