Stage 1: The Co-Creation Mission

Stage 1

The Co-Creation Mission

We help ensure that you (the senior leaders) have a clear mission on how to achieve your vision and business goals faster. Together, we will:

  • Develop a Co-Creation Mission that integrates with your company’s vision and accelerates your business plan.
  • Apply the ‘Co-Creation Mission Roadmap’ to align every team member in your business towards achieving the plan.
  • Get 100% commitment to your vision, mission, and goals.

At the completion of this stage, you will be confident that you have a clear roadmap on how to achieve your vision faster, with full leadership commitment to its execution.

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  • Clear roadmap to achieve your vision and business goals faster
  • Integrated vision, mission and strategy
  • Full leadership alignment and commitment


  • Developing a clear mission and roadmap
  • Understanding how to ensure alignment and commitment of every team member


Senior leadership team

Stage Duration

4-10 hours with Dynamic Achievement depending on your current business plan


On-site and/or in live virtual session

Dynamic Achievement helped translate important shifts into a robust action plan. You could see how the powerful learning about a Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. Their confidence, sense of pride and personal accountability increased dramatically.”
– Jackie Goldman, Canadian Tire
Vice President, HR Programs

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