Stage 2: The Co-Creation Leader

Stage 2

The Co-Creation Leader

Stage 2 is specifically designed to develop and expand leaders’ capacity to influence and inspire their teams to deliver business results faster. The uniqueness of The Co-Creation Leader is its primary focus on developing 10/10/10 leaders.

  • 10 for Self-Mastery
  • 10 for Leadership
  • 10 for Results

During this stage, every leader develops a clear Leadership Excellence Plan for each of the three areas that is directly related to the organization’s strategic objectives. Every aspect of The Co-Creation Leader is then geared towards executing the plan.

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  • A stronger focus and drive to deliver excellence
  • A clear and comprehensive leadership plan
  • Highly engaged leaders who are aligned, focused and committed to your company’s vision and values
  • Increased capacity to innovate and deal with challenges
  • Improved communication and collaboration amongst the leadership team
  • A leadership excellence mindset
  • Greater competence to influence and inspire their teams
  • Higher levels of engagement, commitment, and accountability


  • The 14 Levels of Awareness and how they shape the leader’s capacity to influence and inspire others
  • Developing and executing a Leadership Excellence Plan
  • Increasing resilience to deal with change and complexity
  • Dealing effectively with challenging situations
  • Developing team members to become more innovative and accountable
  • Working more collaboratively with peers
  • Taking responsibility for actions and results


All managers and people leaders (customized for each level of leadership, from front-line supervisors to executive leaders)

Stage Duration

7 days on-site and/or 42 hours live virtual sessions + 12 months sustainment with our ACHIEVE Excellence Online System


On-site and/or live virtual sessions

Dynamic Achievement helped translate important shifts into a robust action plan. You could see how the powerful learning about a Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. Their confidence, sense of pride and personal accountability increased dramatically.”
– Jackie Goldman, Canadian Tire
Vice President, HR Programs

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