Stage 3: The Vertical Mindset Installer

Stage 3

The Vertical Mindset Installer

Developing a Mindset for Excellence is the difference that contributes most to individual and team performance and the organization’s overall success. When team members embrace the right Mindset, they are more engaged, more accountable, more supportive, and more collaborative. In addition, they have an expanded capacity to deal with challenges and stay focused on what really matters: The Goal.

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  • Clarity of individual purpose and values
  • Higher engagement
  • Increased accountability
  • More courage to be creative and innovative
  • Improved resilience to deal with change and challenges
  • A mindset for excellence
  • Commitment to executing their individual excellence plans


  • The 14 Levels of Awareness and how they determine the outcomes we create
  • Understanding and shifting perspectives
  • Developing individual purpose
  • The 7 Steps to Excellence
  • Dealing with stress, adversity, and uncertainty
  • Aligning individual purpose with the organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Developing and committing to an Excellence Plan


Every member of your organization

Stage Duration

2 days on-site and/or 12 hours live virtual sessions + 12 months sustainment with our ACHIEVE Excellence Online System


On-site and/or live virtual sessions

Dynamic Achievement helped translate important shifts into a robust action plan. You could see how the powerful learning about a Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. Their confidence, sense of pride and personal accountability increased dramatically.”
– Jackie Goldman, Canadian Tire
Vice President, HR Programs

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