Stage 4: The Co-Creation Culture Activator

Stage 4

The Co-Creation Culture Activator

Once the entire organization has a Mindset for Excellence, the focus of stage 4 is to engage everyone in the practice of co-creation. This practice activates entire teams to become ‘Innovative Co-Creators’ leading to a culture of excellence.

The result – an organization that operates at the leading-edge, constantly creating and innovating and achieving results that have never been achieved before.

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  • Improved and new products due to Increased creativity and innovation
  • Increased drive, energy, and passion
  • Competence in the co-creation practice
  • Achieving a culture of excellence
  • Delivering superior performance results


  • Developing a plan to move from the current culture to the ideal culture
  • Committing to individual and collective roles and responsibilities in creating a Culture of Excellence
  • How to operate together at the leading-edge
  • How to explore potential and what is possible
  • Learning and practicing the process of Co-Creation in order to achieve the impossible


Everyone in the organization

Stage Duration

2 days in-class and/or 12 hours live virtual sessions


On-site and/or live virtual sessions

Dynamic Achievement helped translate important shifts into a robust action plan. You could see how the powerful learning about a Culture of Excellence and Vertical Mindset inspired the team to move beyond their perceived limitations. Their confidence, sense of pride and personal accountability increased dramatically.”
– Jackie Goldman, Canadian Tire
Vice President, HR Programs

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