Stage 2

The Co-Creation Leader

We develop leaders who inspire their teams to achieve their full potential

The Co-Creation Leader is specifically designed to develop and expand leaders’ capacity to influence and inspire their teams to deliver business results faster. The uniqueness of The Co-Creation Leader is its primary focus on developing 10/10/10 leaders.

10 for Self-Mastery
10 for Leadership
10 for Results

We start with 10 for Self-Mastery. In this highly immersive process, each leader is asked to reflect on their life purpose and values and how those need to be expressed in their role as a leader in the organization. This part of the program is often described as “life changing and transformative”.

Once each leader is on the path toward Self-Mastery, we shift to 10 for Leadership. In this part of the program, we focus on what it means to be a leader of people and how to practically lead, inspire, and also hold team members accountable for performance.

10/10/10 leadership means that at the end of the day, performance needs to be achieved. The third 10 is therefore 10 for Results. This is where we measure our leadership not only by increased engagement, higher accountability, and greater teamwork and collaboration – but also by the achievement of bottom-line results.

To ensure that the results that we committed to are achieved, your leaders will learn how to apply ‘Impact Focus Coaching’. This methodology will ensure that each of your team members are not only clear on what their goals and expected deliverables are, but also how to plan and execute on them to achieve the desired results.

We believe that one of the biggest risks every organization has is poor leadership. By providing your leadership with the right mindset, right leadership skills, and focus on outcomes, you will achieve results that go way beyond what you thought possible.

  • A stronger focus and drive to deliver excellence
  • A clear and comprehensive leadership plan
  • Highly engaged leaders who are aligned, focused and committed to your company’s vision and values
  • Increased capacity to innovate and deal with challenges
  • Improved communication and collaboration amongst the leadership team
  • A leadership excellence mindset
  • Greater competence to influence and inspire their teams
  • Higher levels of engagement, commitment, and accountability
  • The 14 Levels of Awareness and how they shape the leader’s capacity to influence and inspire others
  • Developing and executing a Leadership Excellence Plan
  • Increasing resilience to deal with change and complexity
  • Dealing effectively with challenging situations
  • Developing team members to become more innovative and accountable
  • Working more collaboratively with peers
  • Taking responsibility for actions and results

All managers and people leaders (customized for each level of leadership, from front-line supervisors to executive leaders)


42 hours in live virtual sessions or 7 days on-site + 12 months with our ACHIEVE Online Sustainment System


In live virtual sessions or on-site

Why work with us?

At Dynamic Achievement, we have created a unique approach for culture and leadership development that starts with mindset. We focus on creating sustainable shifts in innovation and performance that ensure organizations deliver excellence over the long-run.

We guarantee that if you don’t achieve at least a 10x return on your investment after implementing our complete 5-Stage Co-Creation Activator Process and applying the new strategies, tools, and processes as suggested, we will continue to work with you at no extra charge until these results have been achieved.

We live by our values, we are purpose driven, and we are results oriented. Our team is here to help you develop the leadership excellence your business needs.