Stage 3 – The Vertical Mindset Installer

Stage 3

The Vertical Mindset Installer

We develop mindsets for excellence that improve organizational performance and people’s lives

The Vertical Mindset Installer has often been referred to as “The Game Changer”.

Developing a Mindset for Excellence is the difference that contributes most to individual and team performance and the organization’s overall success. When team members embrace the right Mindset, they are more engaged, more accountable, more supportive, and more collaborative. In addition, they have an expanded capacity to deal with challenges and stay focused on what really matters: The Goal.

One of the biggest causes of poor engagement, inter-departmental friction, and less than optimal business results is the collective mindset of the organization.

Imagine the potential of an individual, a team, and an organization when the perspective of what is possible shifts. This is our intention with stage 3: to unlock the human potential of each individual to pursue mastery in all areas of their life.

The process that we go through to achieve this shift is highly experiential and immersive. It is also one that many team members have thanked their leaders and organization for investing in them as people rather than just as workers. Not surprisingly, they then become even more engaged, productive, and loyal to the organization.

To start Co-Creation in your organization, complete our Co-Creation Activator Scorecard

  • Clarity of individual purpose and values
  • Higher engagement
  • Increased accountability
  • More courage to be creative and innovative
  • Improved resilience to deal with change and challenges
  • A mindset for excellence
  • Commitment to executing their individual excellence plans
  • The 14 Levels of Awareness and how they determine the outcomes we create
  • Understanding and shifting perspectives
  • Developing individual purpose
  • The 7 Steps to Excellence
  • Dealing with stress, adversity, and uncertainty
  • Aligning individual purpose with the organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Developing and committing to an Excellence Plan

Every member of your organization


12 hours in live virtual sessions or 2 days on-site + optional 12 months with our ACHIEVE Online Sustainment System


In live virtual sessions or on-site

Why work with us?

At Dynamic Achievement, we have created a unique approach for culture and leadership development that starts with mindset. We focus on creating sustainable shifts in innovation and performance that ensure organizations deliver excellence over the long-run.

We guarantee that if you don’t achieve at least a 10x return on your investment after implementing our complete 5-Stage Co-Creation Activator Process and applying the new strategies, tools, and processes as suggested, we will continue to work with you at no extra charge until these results have been achieved.

We live by our values, we are purpose driven, and we are results oriented. Our team is here to help you develop the leadership excellence your business needs.