Stage 4

The Co-Creation Culture Activator

We help develop cultures of excellence that deliver superior performance

Every business leader aspires to lead an organization that is focused, agile, and high achieving. In short – a high performing organization that is operating at full potential.

The reality, however, is that most organizations do not operate even close to their full potential. The key reasons are: distractions, interpersonal issues, personal agendas, fears and insecurities, need for control…(the list goes on).

Unless every team member in the organization is clear on what excellence is in their role, has a 10/10/10 leader who is supporting and holding them accountable for growth and performance, and has the right mindset for excellence – achieving at full potential will always elude us.

This is the reason Stage 4 ‘The Co-Creation Culture Activator’ has been developed.

Once the entire organization has a Mindset for Excellence, the focus is to engage everyone in the practice of co-creation. This practice activates entire teams to become ‘Innovative Co-Creators’ leading to a culture of excellence.

In this stage, team members learn about the drivers of organizational culture and the levers to move toward a culture of excellence. We also learn and practice how to prepare for and engage in co-creative meetings that deliver higher engagement, higher productivity, and greater innovation.

The result – an organization that operates at the leading-edge, constantly creating and innovating and achieving results that have never been achieved before.

To start Co-Creation in your organization, complete our Co-Creation Activator Scorecard

  • Increased drive, energy, and passion
  • Competence and confidence in the co-creation practice
  • Improved and new products due to Increased creativity and innovation
  • Achieving a culture of excellence
  • Delivering superior performance results
  • Understanding the drivers of culture and how they works
  • Developing a plan to move from the current culture to the ideal culture
  • Committing to individual and collective roles and responsibilities in creating a Culture of Excellence
  • Learning to operate together at the leading-edge
  • Exploring our potential and what is possible
  • Learning and practicing the process of Co-Creation in order to achieve our full potential

Everyone in the organization


12 hours in live virtual sessions or 2 days on-site


In live virtual sessions or on-site

Why work with us?

At Dynamic Achievement, we have created a unique approach for culture and leadership development that starts with mindset. We focus on creating sustainable shifts in innovation and performance that ensure organizations deliver excellence over the long-run.

We guarantee that if you don’t achieve at least a 10x return on your investment after implementing our complete 5-Stage Co-Creation Activator Process and applying the new strategies, tools, and processes as suggested, we will continue to work with you at no extra charge until these results have been achieved.

We live by our values, we are purpose driven, and we are results oriented. Our team is here to help you develop the leadership excellence your business needs.