The Culture of Excellence

Achieve a Mindset & Culture of Excellence

In order to identify the biggest areas of opportunity for Mindset and Culture in your business, please complete The Culture of Excellence Scorecard below. We will then schedule a 30-minute call to discuss how you can activate your team to achieve excellence

Please rate each area below on a scale of 1 to 10 (1=Not At All, 10=Absolutely)

Do you have a compelling organizational vision that everyone is focused on achieving?

Do you have a clear purpose that is meaningful and inspiring to all team members?

Do you have a strong leadership team that influences and inspires their teams to achieve excellence?

Are all staff members highly engaged and committed?

Do your people collaborate effectively and work together as one team?

Do all your team members hold themselves accountable for achieving their goals?

Do your customers/clients say that you provide excellent service?

Do all team members have the flexibility and resilience to deal with change, challenge and uncertainty?

Do all team members have the skills, resources and support, to deliver results at the highest level?

Do all your team members have a mindset for excellence?

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