Understanding Personalities and Team Building

In today’s complex work environment, people need to work together in a variety of settings and with a diverse range of people and personalities. This is not always easy or without its challenges, and conflict is inevitable when people have different ways of communicating, solving problems and making decisions, planning and organizing work, dealing with stresses and challenges, and dealing with change.

This program focuses intensively on skill development and application through reinforced practice – using real life meeting simulation exercises. Participants leave the program with the skills and the confidence to apply their learning on the job.


  • Understanding how your Mindset influences your relationships with others
  • Using the DISC Personality Styles Profile, awareness and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your interpersonal communication style and the impact of your style on your effectiveness and the team’s performance:
    • General interpersonal communication style
    • Problem solving and decision making style
    • Approach to planning and organizing
    • Adaptability to stressful situations
    • Dealing with conflict
    • Managing change


  • Identify the team’s strengths and resources as well as potential weaknesses
  • Maximize the natural advantages that result from similarities and differences
  • Work around—or minimize—potential blind spots
  • Improve group capacities to solve problems, communicate, and use conflict
  • Develop team and individual action plans with specific steps to help
    improve performance


  • Understanding one’s own style of communication and the impact it has on others
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team’s collective patterns of communication


This course is applicable to learners at all organizational levels who need to collaborate with others.


6 hours in live virtual sessions or on-site


In live virtual sessions or on-site