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Ep 1 | Welcome to The Vertical Mindset Podcast

With Eitan Sharir

Eitan Sharir had a successful corporate career when an eye-opening event in his life forced him to evaluate his definition of success. Originally having studied marketing and general management, Eitan slowly discovered that his true interests were with the people inside of the organization more than it’s products. In today’s episode of The Vertical Mindset Podcast, Eitan shares his journey of discovering a different way of thinking; one that can impact your life and the lives of those around you.

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Ep 2 | Create More of the Life You Want With a Vertical Mindset

with Eitan Sharir

If you are looking to have more control over creating the life you want, as opposed to surviving the life you have, then adopting a vertical mindset can do just that. In this episode, Eitan Sharir shares more about the notion of horizontal vs vertical mindsets, and how each affects your perception of the world around you.

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Ep 3 | The 7 Steps to Excellence

with Eitan Sharir

In this series, Eitan Sharir has been addressing the things that enable us to live vertically, and on this audio, he walks through the 7 steps to excellence. There is a lot of talk about excellence these days but few people really understand what it takes to be and do what is excellent. This concise, actionable overview of Eitan’s 7 steps will help you understand the simple but difficult process every person must take to truly achieve what is excellent in their life. You don’t want to miss this enlightening and powerful explanation.

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Vice President

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