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EP 13 | Sharpening Your Sales Awareness

With Eitan Sharir and Sasja Chomos

The impact of Sales Excellence on your organization can not be underestimated, and part of your ability to influence sales, is your sensory acuity.
It’s the ability to pick up on the things that most people filter out, go unnoticed, and more importantly, matter to your clients.
Join Sasja and Eitan in the final episode in our 3-Part series on Sales Excellence and learn how you and your sales teams can heighten your sensory acuity and apply it to the sales process.

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“On behalf of TELUS Mobility, I would like to thank you again for the outstanding sales development program delivered by Dynamic Achievement during the past year. The quality and impact of the customized seminars and workshops has exceeded both our expectations and objectives for the program. The feedback from our Corporate Sales team members has been overwhelmingly positive as well, with the training modules on strategic selling, change management and sales presentation skills all having had a significant impact on their performance.”
– Neil Cusati, TELUS Mobility
Vice President

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