WhiteWater is in the business of creating WOW waterpark experiences with every customer and their guests. To do that, the company needed a strong leadership team galvanized around a differentiating strategy and the ability to execute on its business plans. The challenge was that the business was working in silos due to its growth and size; there was reduced collaboration; a lack of focus on key objectives; and less than optimal teamwork starting at the top.

WhiteWater engaged Dynamic Achievement on three key fronts:

  1. Strategy: The organization created a new business strategy and values to ensure that all senior leaders across the globe were clear on the company’s purpose, and focused on what was most important to their customers.
  2. Mindset: Then they focused on the Mindset of every employee in the business (over 700 in total) starting with the most senior leadership team. The focus was to ensure that all employees were fully aligned with their customers’ needs and leaders had the tools to grow and mentor their people.
  3. Leadership: Finally, the organization trained all the senior leaders in Vertical leadership to help create the culture and the coaching skills that were needed throughout the business.
Working with Dynamic Achievement was a life changing experience that completely changed the leaders’ perspectives. The leadership team were more engaged, more collaborative, less siloed, working with ONE purpose, and were inspired to take the business to the next level.

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