Establish a vertical organization, and excel at true innovation.

A vertical organization is an organization that is clear and committed to its purpose, vision, mission and the strategic business plan that forms the roadmap to achieving excellence.

Key elements of a vertical business strategy include a strong leadership team that mobilizes the entire organization to be engaged, equipped and inspired to deliver superior performance results.

A vertical organization can be further defined as having seven key qualities:

  •  Constantly moves forward
  • Creates and innovates
  • Aligns with the organization’s vision and values
  • Makes a commitment to deliver excellence
  • Acts with focus and resilience
  • Is Accountable
  • Is collaborative and highly engaged

All of the above qualities contribute to a culture of innovation.

In addition, there are seven key steps that are required to create an innovative vertical organization.

The first three focus on building the foundation of a vertical organization:

1. Vertical business strategy

Create a clear and differentiating strategic plan.

2. Vertical culture

Engage and enroll every employee to be committed, accountable and inspired toward achieving a common goal.

3. Vertical leadership

Build a strong executive and management team that is focused on influencing and inspiring excellence.

The final four steps are focused on rolling out this new strategy across the entire organization:

4. Vertical selling

Develop a sales culture of excellence that accelerates revenue generation.

5. Vertical customer Service

Equip your customer service teams to deliver your unique ‘service excellence experience’ to grow and sustain loyal customers.

6. Vertical operational effectiveness

Organize your entire organization to operate with maximum efficiency and the highest return on employee investment.

7. Vertical organizational capability

This is the glue that bonds the entire system to deliver sustainable results and includes optimized structure, superior job design, standards and discipline and effective systems and processes.

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<strong>Establish a vertical organization, and excel at true innovation.</strong>

About the author

Eitan Sharir is the President of Culture and Organizational Performance at Dynamic Achievement. Eitan specializes in developing mindsets for excellence and organizational cultures that deliver real and measurable results. For more than 20 years, he has worked with many leading organizations in areas ranging from leadership, teams, sales, and service. Eitan Sharir is also the author of Activate Your Power – How to Unlock Your Full Potential and Direct Your Own Success.

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